Bride of the Century Episode 14 Preview

Ugh why must subs take so long to come out?? I really need to watch this weeks episodes of Bride of the Century!! Like seriously I need to watch my OTP, for those of you who live streamed or are content to watch it through without subs the first time I bow to you . The written preview for tonights episode is actually really vague, like it doesn’t give way that much detail for those of you who have yet to see it, I don’t know if they’re keeping it vague because it airs the next day or if they’re trying to keep their plot under wraps in the lead up to next weeks finale, either way it makes me want to watch the episode.

Written Preview for Episode 14

Jae Ran is determined to hold on to her position in Taeyang Group through the means of blackmail. She is eventually thwarted like an animal when she tries to strangle Doo Rim.

Preview for Episode 14

cr to TV Chosun


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