Thai Drama – Yah Leum Chun

Now this is a drama that I’ve been looking forward too since I heard confirmation of the cast, Thai TV 3’s “Yah Leum Chun” or the English translation “Don’t Forget Me” (however the production team has chosen to title it “Forget Me Not” because the forget me not flower plays a key role in the main leads story) is produced by Lakorn Thai and stars veteran actors Anne Thongprasom and Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee, along with fellow veteran Kong Saharat and Thai/Danish actress Sirita Jensen. Although this is a remake, I’m confident that the whole drama will be a massive hit, Director Paa Jaew is awesome at these type of dramas, his dramas always turn out as rating hits. This is also the first drama that Anne and Tik have starred in together since both of them entered into the entertainment business so it’s sure to be a big hit.

I love the whole supporting cast, Rita is just gorgeous and Kong is like every girls dream guy (he’s cute, he can sing and play guitar, and yet he can still look like a bad boy riding a motorcycle), Boy Pidsanu and veteran actor Montri Janeaksorn are awesome as the comedic reliefs to an otherwise bitter love story, with Aom Sakaojai and Kik Mayurin rounding up the rest of the supporting cast as the token bitches of the drama. All of these guys have a whole slew of dramas that they’ve done, and while Rita and Boy may be newer than the rest, their talent is amazing, so I’m hoping that with the queen of Thai dramas and one of the most popular Thai actors leading, along with the director behind hit drama Wanida (2010) that this drama will not disappoint.

Yah Leum Chun follows the story of a young man and woman who fall in love during university, but due to family reasons the young woman leaves him and marries a rich old man, this leaves the man feeling bitter towards her. Fast forward a couple of years and the man is now a successful business man with a hot temper, they meet again when the woman, now widowed comes to work for him. Love is rekindled yet denied, jealousy ensues, anger is prominent and revenge is sure to break hearts and people.

Yah Leum Chun has been in production for a while, with filming taking place in both Thailand and Switzerland, which I’m sure will bring us gorgeous views. One of the things I find really cool is that Kong and Anne have filmed a drama together before in Switzerland as well, way back in 2005. The drama airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:15pm on Channel 3.

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