EXO Comeback Teasers

SM Entertainment’s 12 person idol group EXO is due to make their official comeback on the 15th of April at their official comeback show hosted by Samsung at Jamsil Arena. The boys are busy preparing for the release of their new mini album, and will reveal their new title song at the concert. I believe SM will be releasing teaser images for us each day up until their comeback, starting from the 1st of April until either the 14th or 15th. Currently we’re at day 4 and have seen 9 teaser images so far; the following post will be updated as each new teaser is revealed so please follow it.

Day 1 – April 1st – EXO OT12 and EXO-K/M – The Choir Boys are Coming


Day 2 – April 2nd – Kai and Luhan – Crazy Scientist Hair and the Manly Man


Day 3 – April 3rd – Sehun and Tao – Gorgeous Perfection and the Hobo Looking Panda

Day 4 – April 4th – D.O and Lay – Not So Squishy Soo and The Unmirrored Choir Boy


Day 5 – April 5th – Kris and Chanyeol – Charismatic Galaxy Hyung and the Broody Happy Virus


Day 6 – April 6th – Suho and Xiumin – $uho West and Pink Baozi


Day 7 – April 7th – Chen and Baekhyun – The Vocalist and The Eyeliner


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