Bride of the Century Episode 15 Preview

Everything is all coming to an end this week, on TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century and I’m seriously sad. Last weeks two episodes were seriously a roller coaster of emotion, actually everything since episode 6 has basically been an up and down roller coaster. I went through so many emotions in last weeks episodes, from bawling my eyes out to smiling like a loon at the OTP, to laughing so loud, and this was only during one episode. Normally you would mainly have a whole bunch of angst and nothing more in an episode, if it was an angsty kind of episode, but I went from crying my eyes out when Kang Joo and Doo Rim said their goodbyes in front of her place to pumping my fist in victory when Kang Joo announces that the woman who will stay by his side is Doo Rim. The only thing left now I think is to find out the connection between Doo Rim’s grandmother and that shoe, and finish the story of past Doo Rim. Both Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung have done such awesome jobs at portraying Kang Joo and Doo Rim/Yi Kyung and although there were faults in this drama like there are in all dramas, I have thoroughly enjoyed this roller coaster of a drama. I’m also heaps happy that Roo Mi and Doo Rim now seem to be drinking buddies or whatnot, I really enjoyed both of their scenes together and I also really liked that Roo Mi would go and see Yi Kyung just because Doo Rim asked her to check on her.

I was really happy to see that Yi Hyun approved of Kang Joo and he was shipping them heaps, cause boy knew what was going on in Kang Joo’s head, I honestly thought that he would still be all “Doo Rim, don’t get with him” but thats character growth for you all. Yi Kyung meanwhile, should either take a long walk down a really short cliff or enter in to therapy with ABC’s Zelena from Once Upon a Time who literally turned green with envy. The girl is filled with so much jealously, and I think it only happened when she saw that Kang Joo could actually love someone, someone who looked EXACTLY like her but was of a different class, and she wanted that kind of love. One of the annoyances I had with the last two episodes though, was Doo Rim was still trying to push Kang Joo away, even though he basically told her he couldn’t live without her, and it took Yi Hyun telling her what Kang Joo had risked exactly to prompt her in to action. The scene with Kang Joo’s parents was interesting for me to watch because his mother is trying to make amends with his father, while his father was basically trying to protect her from the knowledge that her mother killed his first love, and while these two may not be IN love, I do believe that they care for one another, and have some type of friendship.

While the written preview doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know, the video preview tells us that there will still be angst and separation on the horizon, and that even though this is the second last episode, they still see fit to torture us with MORE angst for our OTP. Doo Rim’s knack for running away to avoid hurting Kang Joo shows up again, and honestly after leaving him time and time again for his own protection because she loves him so much, I say she should let Kang Joo decide what he wants to do and to look after himself.

Written Preview for Episode 15

Overcome with madness and desperation Jae Ran tries to kill Doo Rim when Seong Ju Sin appears before her. The bond between the three, seems to have extended from their past lives…

Video Preview for Episode 15

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