Bride of the Century goes to China

The extremely popular Bride of the Century which airs its final episode on Saturday, will have a Chinese version produced. I mentioned a few weeks back that the drama was doing extremely well in terms of searches in China, and this still stands, since the drama has started airing it has topped daily, weekly and monthly Chinese charts as the most searched Korean drama. Foreign rights to air the drama in the US have also been sold. For a drama on one of the smaller cable channels in Korea, Bride of the Century has done well during it’s run, garnering 3% ratings, becoming the most searched in China, getting airing rights sold to foreign countries, not to mention showing the acting skills of Lee Hong Ki (who unfortunately has bowed out of taking any more lead roles) as well as showing Yang Jin Sung’s acting ability, any actor/actress who is able to pull off two different characters so flawlessly deserves some recognition.

According to reports, the Chinese version will be a joint venture between Korea and China, and will air during the second half of the year although the cast has not yet been selected. Other than the US, rights to the drama have also been sold to Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia, which is good news for the writer and the channel. From what I gathered from Korea news sites, the drama will be co-produced by Shanghai New Culture Media Group Co., Ltd, who mainly engage in the production of movies and TV shows.

Source Star News


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