Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung Say Farewell

Filming has wrapped up for TV Chosun’s surprised hit Bride of the Century which airs it’s final two episodes tonight and tomorrow. Leads Lee Hong Ki of FT Island and Yang Jin Sung have come out to thank the cast, crew and fans, Hong Ki apologised for the delay in filming during the early stages of the drama but remained humble, “I’m sorry to everyone for the delay in shooting this drama early on, I did not expect this much popularity for the drama and cannot express my thanks to everyone“. His co-star Yang Jin Sung got a bit emotional, “I had a good time playing two different roles, and gave it my all, and enjoyed it very much, I’m sad that this drama has come to an end, and I created many good memories with everyone involved“. As I said before in one of my previous posts that even though Hong Ki and Jin Sung will no longer be on our screens, the rights to air the drama have been sold to numerous countries and a joint Chinese/Korean version will be in production soon.

Even though we are nearly at an end, our characters are not out of the woods yet, episode 14 ended with an epic cliffhanger, and then we didn’t even get to see a preview until Tuesday, which shows’ that the writers still have more angst in store for us, I’m honestly not sure if I like that or not, I think I’ve cried enough tears for Kang Joo in pain.

What I expect from the last two episodes;

– At least one kiss each episode, I don’t even care if it’s that sweet peck on the lips Doo Rim gave to Kang Joo when she found out the truth. A kiss does not always have to be a make out or involve tongue or sucking face, I’m content with a touch of lips if that is what the scene calls for.

– Yi Kyung and her mother to move out of the country and never set foot back in Korea.

– One more Roo Mi/Doo Rim drinking buddy scene

– Roo Mi telling Doo Rim off for running away to protect Kang Joo

– Myung Hee and her husband being able to laugh with each other and be happy

– Ju Sin can finally leave this earth and be in peace

– Yi Hyun finds a nice girl to be happy with

– Cute OTP scenes!!!

What do you guys want to happen in the final two episodes?

Source TV Report


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