Fantasy Sageuk Coming to a Small Screen Near You


The company behind KBS’s 2010 fusion sageuk Sungkyunkwan Scandal, are back again, and this time they are giving us a fantasy ghost busting sageuk by the name of The Night Watchman’s Journal. Scheduled to air during the second half of the year after MBC’s Triangle, the drama will be directed by Lee Joo Hwan of Jumong fame and the script will be written by Yoo Dong Yoon who also wrote King and I, Age of Warriors and Kings Dream, so we are in good hands for this sageuk.

The Night Watchman’s Journal will revolve around four young watchmen during the Joseon Dynasty who patrol at night time to keep the ghosts at bay and defend the palace at night, all whilst finding love and forging friendships. As with every drama there will be a heroine of the story, and I’m just hoping that all four guys don’t fall in love with the same girl, and that they’ll all get their own individual partners. Let’s hope that the watchmen are all male as well, and that one of them isn’t a girl in disguise.

The production company is currently casting actors but there has been neither confirmations nor rumours of who has been scouted or courted for the roles.


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