Ready for a “Glorious Day”?

Park Se Young’s (Princess Nogook of Faith) new weekend drama is getting ready to air tomorrow, the 50 episode drama titled A Glorious Day or A Good Day airs on SBS on Saturday’s and Sundays at 8:40pm Korea time.

A Glorious Day centres around the story of Hang Song Jung (Kim Mi Sook of Empire of Gold) who is a successful writer and mother of three daughters. The drama revolves around her trying to successfully marry her daughters off to good men. Park Se Young stars as the second daughter Jung Da Jung who is a 27 year old unemployed nutritionist with a positive personality. Hwang Woo Seul Hye (Sent From Heaven) is the eldest daughter Jung Da Ae who’s a 30 year old pharmacist with a stubborn personality. Ko Woo Ri (Shining Romance) stars as the youngest daughter Jung Da In, who is a 21 year old second year photography major with many male admirers.

The drama is directed by Hong Sung Chang who also directed ‘The King of Dramas‘ and written by Moon Hee Jung who also did the script for ‘Missing You‘.

Cast Stills

Source SBS Official


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