Empress Ki Releases Special Epilogue

MBC partners up with outdoor clothing brand North Cape to release a special Empress Ki epilogue CF. The CF stars both Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook as the reincarnations of their Empress Ki characters, 650 years in the future and was released on the 28th of April. Whilst Ha Ji Won has been an endorser for North Cape for a while, this is her first CF with Ji Chang Wook, the two model the brands 2014 S/S clothing range.

Whilst it isn’t a true epilogue, the CF was pretty good. Ha Ji Won plays a woman who continuously dreams of the same man each night, whom is dressed in period clothing. Chang Wook happens upon her in the park and secretly takes some photographs of her, he tells us that although he recognises her face as someone he may have known in his past life, he knows nothing about her. The two converse via email where she tells him that she recognises one of his drawings as someone she has been dreaming of, he invites her to the opening of his gallery, upon meeting she asks him if they’ve met somewhere before. Cue black screen and everyone can come to their own conclusions of what happens to them 650 years later. I’m seriously envious of how long and gorgeous Ha Ji Won’s hair is though.

Official Stills and BTS

Source TopStarNews

Video credit to Uploader.


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