Choi Jin Hyuk to play second lead in Fated to Love You

Gahhhhhh why Choi Jin Hyuk??! Whyyyyyyyy?????? Emergency Couple’s Choi Jin Hyuk has finally accepted the role to star in MBC’s summer romantic drama Fated to Love You which as stated previously is a remake of a Taiwanese drama of the same name. He will star opposite leads Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk whom have been confirmed since April for the series.

Joining Jin Hyuk as the fourth member of a love square is actress Wang Ji Won who guest starred in Jin Hyuk’s all star casted drama, SBS’s The Heirs (2013) and also starred in TvN’s I Need Romance 3 and KBS2’s Good Doctor. Jin Hyuk will be playing the handsome and smart, woman magnet second lead, who will ultimately fall in love with the female lead and of course lose her, because its drama land and the much better and perfect second lead never gets the girl (Park Se Joo anyone?? I’m still cut over Mi Rae’s Choice). In the original the character of Dylan was an art dealer, dealing in artworks and antiquities, however the role has been changed for the remake where he will instead be a designer of some sorts. Ji Won will be playing Jang Hyuk’s professional ballerina fiancée, Ji Won funnily enough is actually classically trained in ballet, and graduated from the Korean National University of Arts with a Bachelor of Dance, she was also trained at the esteemed English Royal Ballet School so the role is perfect for her.

Fated to Love You revolves around the story of an accidental one night stand that results in a pregnancy which leads to a love story. Jang Hyuk will play the popular Korean drama male lead of rich chaebol going by the name of Lee Gun whilst Jang Nara plays the ordinary and kind hearted female lead Kim Mi Young. The drama is expected to air in July after the finale of Park Min Young’s A New Leaf, and will take over its Wednesday-Thursday spot.


Source Herald Corp


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