EXO’s Kris Files for divorce from SM Entertainment

In news which has shocked, angered and saddened EXO fans, news has been released that EXO member and EXO-M Leader Kris (real name: Wu Yi Fan) has filed a law suit with the Seoul Central Court against SM Entertainment to terminate his ongoing contract with them.

Following the news that Kris is seeking to terminate his contract SME’s stocks suffered a huge blow, the news also comes at a critical time for SME and EXO who just made their comeback and are holding their first solo concert next week. The news caught everyone by surprise as Kris seemed to be in good spirits during the boys Shanghai Comeback Showcase, however while the other members flew back to Korea, Kris was the only missing member and it has been reported that he has been in Beijing for the past 3 days. Cho Beom Seok, the lawyer who handled former Super Junior member Han Kyun’s case will also be handling Kris’s case. The lawsuit filed is apparently about his mistreatment as an artist, and how the company organised schedules regardless of personal opinion or health, depriving him of his basic human right to freedom and career choice.

A representative from SM Entertainment has released the following statement regarding the issue, “It is true that Kris has filed a termination of exclusive contract and we’re looking onto it. We apologize for this embarrassing situation. We will do our best for EXO’s activities to do well and resolve this problem.” In light of the situation we can assume that Kris will not be joining the other members in any future comeback promotional activities, and his presence at their solo concert is highly unlikely.

Source Naver



Speaking as an EXO fan I do respect Kris’s decision and everyone knows how SME treats their artists, however the lawsuit does come at the worst time, the boys are preparing for their very first sold out solo concert that begins next week, and have just made their big comeback earlier this month, they’re still going through promotional activities for god sakes. What kind of sucks is that none of the other boys knew what was going on, at least they didn’t look like they did, three days ago when they left Shanghai and Kris seemed pretty happy at the Showcase, that cute pic of Suho and Kris? Kris getting confused at Chen’s interpretation of “Moonlight”, nothing actually indicated that there was something brewing, but then again none of us know what goes on in their heads or what happens behind the scenes. The only thing that we can hope for is that this all blows over soon, and that the boys will still keep in contact with each other and support each other regardless if they’ve gone separate ways. It is going to take some getting used to saying OT11 instead of 12, saying 11 members instead of 12, leaving out Kris’s name when talking about them, realising that Suho is now a single parent to 10 kids, seeing all of those Kris ships get cut off. I was really proud of Suho getting on the MCountdown stage by himself to accept the award, and I really respect him for it. No one knows what the boys are all going through and when I say boys I mean all 12 of them, I’m not going to cut them off in to “them” and “us” they’re still EXO to me, I hope that whatever they’re going through they have a support system. It might be hard for the fans but it’s even worse for the 12 boys who trained together, danced together, laughed together, ate together, shared stories together, lived together and hung out together. I’m going to be a bit Suho cheesy here and say that I’m sure that no matter what happens EXO fans will support all of the boys, after all, We Are One, EXO Saranghaja!


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