Casting Begins for “The Night Watchman’s Journal”

Casting has begun for MBC’s upcoming fusion sageuk “The Night Watchman’s Journal” and rumour has it that Flower Boy Ramyun Shop lead Jung Il Woo has been courted to play the lead, the only thing I have to say to this is… SIGN THE CONTRACT JUNG IL WOO SIGN IT RIGHT NOW !!!!! Seriously, this drama is working towards being my most anticipated summer drama from Korealand and right now Jung Il Woo is like the icing on the cake. Please hear my plea drama gods Nothing has been confirmed yet but his agency Star K Entertainment has said that he is positively considering the role which is a good sign, lets hope that he considers it and accepts it, seriously who do we have to bribe to get this to happen? Il Woo is no stranger to sageuks starring in MBC’s The Return of Iljimae (2009) and MBC’s hit drama The Moon That Embraces the Sun (2012) so this will kind of be like him walking out of Iljimae and into Night Watchman, apart from these two sageuks he also recently starred in MBC’s Golden Rainbow (ok the fact that he has starred in so many MBC drama’s gives me a good feeling, because it means he has a good relationship with the channel).

As I said in my previous post the drama will be produced by the same guys who did Sungkyunkwan Scandal and directed by the same PD who did Jumong (Lee Joo Hwan) and Yoo Dong Yoon who did Age of Warriors will be the brains behind the script. Currently there is no word on who else has been approached to star in the drama, but if Jung Il Woo is being courted then I have faith in how awesome this cast will turn out. The Night Watchman’s Journal will air in late July following Triangle.

Source Star

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