EXO May Updates

The EXO boys have been pretty busy this past week or so this is basically just a round up of what’s been going on.

  • The 11 EXO boys held their first ever solo concert in Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastic Arena on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of May, with tickets selling out for all three dates in less than 2 seconds. The stadium seats about 14,000 people and for a group that only just celebrated their two year anniversary filling up a 14,000 person stadium over the course of three days is no small feat. The boys each performed a short solo stage during the concert consisting of vocal and dance solos and performed songs from all three of their albums including, History, MAMA, hit maker Growl, Wolf, My Lady (which I will never be able to listen to again without drooling, you have to see the fan cams to understand) and their new single Overdose. Over the course of three days many of their fellow artists came out to support them including Super Juniors Siwon, Ryewook, Donghae, SHINee’s Taemin, BoA, F(x)’s Amber and Victoria and VIXX just to name a few.

  • Prior to the last day of the concert the boys also held their official press conference inside the stadium with Super Junior’s Shin Dong as the MC and for the first time since it happened, the boys finally, officially spoke out about the issue of Kris. EXO leader Suho states that the event took them all by surprise especially because it was one week before the concert, the news was both physically and mentally draining for all of them. On top of that the news also hurt them all very much, but over the course of that week where they had to shuffle around everything it strengthened their bond with each other and strengthened their teamwork. Cr to Uploader/ Image credit to Noona Planet

  • Beagle Line member Baekhyun is also hard at work on his upcoming role in the musical “Singin’ In the Rain” which opens to the public on June 5. The musical also stars TRAX’s Jay and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun who share the role of Don Lockwood with Baekhyun. Girls Gen member Sunny shares the role of Kathy Selden with musical singers Bang Jin Ei and Choi Soo Jin.

  • EXO’s manliest manly man Luhan has also reportedly been contacted to star in the Chinese movie “20 Again” which is a remake of Korean movie Miss Granny, there is currently no word yet on whether SM has accepted the role but both Luhan and SM are said to be considering the role positively. Source TVReport

  • Sehun, Tao and leader Suho were also in attendance at the VIP premiere of the movie Crying Man which stars Jang Dong Gun who starred in SBS’s 2012 drama, A Gentleman’s Dignity and Kim Min Hee who starred in A Very Ordinary Couple of which she won the 2013 Baeksang for Best Film Actress for her role as Jang Young. Crying Man is an action thriller about a professional hit man who falls in love with his target. The movie hits Korean theatres on the 4th of June. Source TV Report


All images are credited to SM Town Now unless stated otherwise


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