LINE releases EXO Special Stickers

YES!!!!!!!!! After waiting for so long and seeing those solo member stickers pass me by, we finally have a full set which is available to everyone . LINE in collaboration with SM Entertainment released the final EXO sticker set today, the special set features all 11 boys and are totally awesome. Hanjae and I are however disappointed that 1. Chen did not get a “waeeeeee” sticker for the main set, although there was one for his solo set, and 2. There isn’t a “yehet” sticker, Sehun didn’t get one in his solo set and he doesn’t get one in this main set, it actually seems like a crime NOT to have a “yehet’ sticker when that’s basically his trademark word much like Chen and “waeeee” and Baekhyun and “kkaepsong”. However we can make an exception this time because finally after much anticipation EXO fans all around the world now have an EXO sticker set to use on LINE. The only snag in this awesome moment is that currently the stickers are only available in Korea, HOWEVER they’ll be available to international fans real soon.



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