Thai Drama – Sanaeha Sunya Khaen

The story of a man who loses his first love in an accident that is indirectly caused by the woman whom later becomes his second love, Thai TV 3’s new Wednesday – Thursday drama, “Sanaeha Sunya Khaen” or “Loves’ Promise of Revenge” stars Dome Pakorn and Janie Tienphosuwan in a revenge turned romance drama.

I’ve only watched the first three episodes of this and every time, I question why I continue to watch it, the only answer I can come up with is, I love the height difference between the two main leads and when they stand toe to toe it makes me swoon a bit and also the second couple are totally awesome and I love them.

The drama is basically about one man’s quest for revenge against the woman who caused the death of his first love. Dome plays Nhakin who’s the male lead and is basically your typical Thai drama lead, he’s rich, good looking and a total gentleman who has girls falling at his feet but there is darkness in him. His first love Khanok played by Nathalie Nattarinee was killed in a car accident on their wedding night leaving him devastated, in comes Pantawan played by Janie. Tawan was actually the cause of Khanok’s death, earlier in the day she had found out that her fiancé had been cheating on her and so was dejectedly and heartbrokenly walking along the side of the road paying no attention whatsoever to her surroundings, meanwhile Khanok who had left her new place with Nhakin to retrieve something, looked away from the road for a minute and next thing both of the women ended up in hospital. Whilst both women are in critical condition Khanok has lost a lot of blood and passes away, Nhakin, her distraught husband vows revenge on the woman who caused the death of his wife, three years later he will finally get his chance.

Other than Dome and Janie, the drama also stars Gun Kantathaworn and Lydia Sarunrat as the hilarious second leads. Gun stars as Dome’s younger brother Nakharin who’s a total playboy sleaze but so totally hilarious, whilst Lydia is Janie’s little sister Prakaideun who’s a sassy ball of pint size pretty and the two go so awesomely well together while both their older siblings portray images of prim and proper these two are basically the awesome siblings, the outgoing ones. Other than these two, the drama also stars Kubkib Sumontip as a hilarious K-pop star who is one of Nakharin’s girls and Nathalie Davies who plays an English actress who also happens to be one of Nakharin’s girls and the scenes when these two are together are just awesome. Gamboom Pinipa who usually plays the annoying and bitchy supporting character this time plays for the good guys, she’s Tawan’s outgoing bff Pink who is later paired with brother number three Ahkrin played by newbie Thongpoom Siripipat.

Sanaeha Sunya Khaen airs on Thai TV 3 on Wednesdays and Thursday at 8:30pm.



I couldn’t write a synopsis post about this drama without adding some of my thoughts from what I’ve watched so far. While Janie and Dome are photogenically compatible their characters are totally rubbing me the wrong way. Tawan is a weak little female, she’s basically prim and the definition of vanilla, while I liked the fact that she was suspicious of Nhakin’s interest in her, her character has actually done nothing to stand up for herself, she’s been slapped around by her ex’s wife, been harassed by the patients that she’s looked after and cried and panicked when her little sister hasn’t answered her phone. Nhakin meanwhile I’m pretty sure is b-polar, he’s basically gone from this sweet gentleman to yelling at Tawan and accusing her of trying to bed his little brother, he’s also had moments where he’s said seriously creepy things to her and looked at her really weirdly, which if I was Tawan I’d be heading for the hills, screw good looks and the like, I’m not going to be manhandled by this possessive guy. There are moments where you look at them together and you’re like ‘awwwwww they’re so good together” and then one of them does something which basically makes me want to shoot the writer. Thank god for Nakharin and Deun who provide the much needed lols to this drama, not to mention Pink and Nahkin’s other family members. Can we actually cut out the leads and just have Nakharin and Deun be the main leads, their story is so much more interesting and light hearted and I can’t wait to see future episodes of them. I think that Nathalie actually plays a twin in this drama because Khanok or a woman who resembles her seems to make an appearance in later episodes, the only thing I hope for right now is that Tawan grows a back bone and stops being such a pushover.


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