The Night Watchman’s Journal Hold First Script Reading

YES!!!!!! Finally!! Now that we have a full cast, MBC has given their nod of approval for The Night Watchman’s Journal to begin their first script reading. Even though I’m not 100% happy with the casting, minus Jung Il Woo, I’m happy that they’ve finally started script reading for the drama.

In attendance were leads Jung Il Woo, Ko Sung Hee and Seo Ye Ji, as well as Yoon Tae Young, Choi Won Young whom will play his father the King Haejong and Kim Heung Soo who will play his evil step brother.

The Night Watchman’s Journal follows the story of Jung Il Woo who will play a bad boy prince that moonlights as a night watchman to rid his kingdom of evil spirits, the prince is also gifted with the ability to see ghosts which makes his job easier. The drama is a mix of magic, saguek, mythical creatures and curses, which makes for an interesting combination and hopefully the cast and production team will be able to pull it all off and we don’t get dodgy looking CG. On top of this because the two female leads are relative unknowns and Yunho has spectacular acting skills, the drama seems to rest on Il Woo’s gorgeous shoulders, however because Sung Hee and Ye Ji are both new to the business there are no expectations of them, they have the ability to wow us with their acting chops and blow everyone out of the water, I’m not sure if I can say the same for Yunho but hey maybe he’ll wow me as well.

The Night Watchman’s Journal will follow Triangle in late July.

Source MBN Star

* Random side note, does anyone else find it a bit funny that Yunho’s drama will follow ex TVXQ member Jaejoong’s drama?

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