EXO-M for Trends Health Magazine

Be still my beating heart, Chinese magazine Trends Health released these two pictures today of EXO sub unit EXO-M on the cover of their July Issue. The boys are on the cover of the magazines 14th Anniversary Special Edition and boy do they look hot … all 6 of them. Yup SIX, this could potentially be the last shoot containing Kris though, but at least it’s a hot one right? Unless Kolon Sport or Lotte have anymore Kris up their sleeves? The theme for the shoot seems to be “Summer’, but jackets seem to be acceptable? Currently there are only these two stills but hopefully there’ll be more on the way, cause the shoot seems awesome.

Seriously how HOT is this one? They’re all wearing shorts, none of them are photoshopped weirdly and they all look really really good. Kudos to the fashion dept and hats off to the photographer who captured this gorgeousness. Please excuse me while I die over the hotness of the boys.


Images cr Trends Health Magazine


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