EXO, Tang Wei, Sung Joon & More Attend the Kolon Sport 2014 F/W Fashion Show

Boy, time passes quickly – it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since the rush of summer fashion spreads, does it? Outdoor fashion brand Kolon Sport held their 2014 F/W Fashion Show at Daelim Warehouse in Seongsu-dong, Seoul yesterday on June 25th to promote their fall/winter line. A number of high profile stars were in attendance, including EXO, Tang Wei, Sung Joon, Jung Kyung Ho and more.

The title and theme of the fashion show is “NOW,” revolving around the reinterpretation of traditional styles to create new, modern styles. I’m not sure how much you can reinterpret styles of windbreakers and the like, frankly, but one can’t deny that a fashion show is an excellent excuse to trot out a parade of eyecandy.

Only four members from the 11-member boyband EXO attended the show (Chen, Sehun, Lay, Tao), but they made up for it by nailing Kolon Sport’s ‘stylish outdoors’ brief and looking sharp and well-dressed. It’s almost sad how impressed I am when there are no hair or fashion disasters for a change.

Lead vocalist Chen is looking particularly gorgeous in blue, and So. Adorably. Smiley. Yesterday, Korean news sites were full of complimentary headlines in reference to that permanently sunny smile and waxing poetic about its effect on female hearts everywhere, which is both utterly cheesy and 100% accurate. Fun tidbit: Chen was recently chosen by the president of a Korean plastic surgery clinic as one of three artists who have the most beautiful natural smiles, along with Lee Min Ho and Victoria of girl group f(x). Oh, Korea.

Maknae Sehun is rocking blue as well, but with his modelesque physique it’s not surprising. What is surprising is the lack of hair product and styling – where’s the ever-present wax? Does ‘natural outdoors’ preclude the massive amounts of spray/wax/everything in a hairstylist’s arsenal that usually makes it onto his head?

Meanwhile, Tao has all those fierce model gazes and poses locked down, though I’m not so sure about the silver hair paired with the bright yellow jacket. It’s a shame he didn’t keep the black hair from the preview photos taken from the set of the filming of Zhang Li Yin’s upcoming MV, in which he’ll be starring.

And Lay is being his quiet and dimply self:

Gorgeous Chinese movie actress Tang Wei (Lust, Caution) showed up in a stunning black & white striped one-piece and jacket ensemble plus peep toes that give me major shoe envy. Love the look – strikes just the right tone of youthful elegance. It was nice to see her having a chat with the Chinese EXO members (Lay and Tao) backstage as well in the TV Daily clip (linked at the end of the post) – this would be her second appearance with Tao after they featured together in the 2014 March edition of The Celebrity magazine.

Sung Joon (I Need Romance 3) (Sweet Potato! ) and Jung Kyung Ho (Heartless City), both wearing equally horrendous outfits. Ignoring everything from the neck down, Sung Joon is sporting a much gentler look than I’m used to from him – I actually didn’t recognize him for ages without the usual hairstyles-with-attitude that he rocks for his drama roles. Jung Kyung Ho, on the other hand… the less said about that hat, the better. Or the whole outfit.

Park Min Woo (Flower Grandpa Investigation Team, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) and Ricky Kim. I’m strangely tickled that Park Min Woo is dressed exactly like his dandy boy character in Flower Grandpa.

Sean of Jinusean and Yoon Da Hoon (Yoona’s Street):

Yoo In Young (You Who Came From the Stars) and Nam Bo Ra (Give Love Away). Yoo In Young badly needs a pair of nice heels and Nam Bo Ra’s loafers, ick.

Oh Yoon Ah (You’re All Surrounded) seems to have gone for the same look as Yoo In Young, but tries to up the sexy factor and misses the mark. The sheer lacy black dress looks like it can’t quite decide whether it should be a dress or lingerie. Kim Joo Hyuk (Heo Jun)’s style is her polar opposite – perhaps he was aiming for ‘rumpled professor’?

SSTV news coverage of the VIP attendees:

TV Daily news cut featuring EXO and Tang Wei:

From SSTV, StarN, My Daily / Image credits as marked


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