EXO June Updates

Kris remerges, Luhan shoots a movie, Baekhyun is dating, Lay gets a solo MC gig, Chen gets his turn in a solo shoot and Tao is going off in to the world by himself, also the boys score their first hands on collaboration collection.

  • EXO-M’s Lay and Luhan set off for China on separate solo trips last week. Lay was off to the recording of Chinese music program, CCTV’s Global Chinese Music, where he was the special MC for the episode which aired on the 21st of June. Not only did Lay MC but he also cooked up a mean fish dish as well. Fellow member Luhan meanwhile has joined the shoot for his debut movie “Back to Twenty” (which started shooting last month) which is the Chinese adaptation of the Korean movie “Miss Granny“. Source Rednet, Sina

  • EXO’s currently inactive member Kris, who last month filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, has finally re-emerged…in Prague, where HE is also shooting his debut movie “Somewhere Only We Know” which is expected to hit cinemas Valentines Day 2015, the films director Xiu Jing Lei posted up some photos on Tuesday of Kris and his co-stars (I hate that he still look so hot, curse you Wu Yi Fan and your amazing genes!!) . Kris and SM will also enter into a mediation session on the 8th of July. Source 163.com

  • Main vocal Chen, also got his turn to have a solo shoot with The Celebrity magazine for their July issue. Lead dancer Kai was in their June issue, whilst fellow members Kris, Sehun, Lay, Suho, Xiumin and Baekhyun have also had their own solo shoots. Chen’s concept for the photoshoot was wake-boarding, and the various photos from the issue show him out on the water as well as posing amongst a collection of wake-boards in the water shed. Source The Korea Herald

  • EXO-M’s maknae Tao has been confirmed to star in the Solomon Islands edition of SBS’s variety show, Law of the Jungle. Tao will be the second EXO member to participate in the show after fellow member Chanyeol who was in the Micronesia edition. *authors note* I’m not really sure Tao is the best decision, I mean this is the same person who’s scared of cockroaches, ghosts and showering alone right? On the other hand, the amount of lol’s and entertainment will be fun. Tao is also set to star in Zhang Li Yin’s upcoming MV. Source Tenasia

  • Following last months lawsuit scandal, this month EXO’s Baekhyun was caught out on a date with SNSD’s Taeyeon, just a few hours after this news broke SM Entertainment reps confirmed that the two have indeed been seeing each other for the past 4 months. Fan reactions have varied from supportive to calling for Baek’s removal from the group. Baekyun joins the likes of Lee Seung Gi, 2PM’s Nickhun and Jung Kyung Ho, the guys should start forming an SNSD boyfriend club with the rate it’s growing. Source TV Report

  • Sehun, Chen, Tao, Suho, Lay, Xiumin, Chanyeol and D.O also attended the opening of luxury leather brand, MCM’s, flagship store opening in Myeongdong today. The EXO boys have also been chosen to be the Korean brand ambassadors for MCM (although with the amount of MCM backpacks Lay totes around you would think they were already) and a collaboration project is also in the works, the MCM/EXO collection is rumoured to be launching later during the second half of the year. Source Fashionbiz

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