EXO Chen & Xiumin Attend the Incheon Asian Games Press Conference

Chen and Xiumin attended the Incheon Asian Games press conference held on July 1st in the Grand Ballroom of the Seoul Millennium Hilton Hotel as representatives of EXO, who will be performing in the opening ceremony of the upcoming Incheon Asian Games. Other big name acts to perform in the opening and closing ceremonies include CNBLUE, JYJ, Psy, and Big Bang.

Committee chair Kim Young Soo, Executive Director Im Kwon Taek, Artistic Director Jang Jin, Korean Pansori singer Ahn Sook Sun, violist Richard Yongjae O’Neill, cellist Song Young Hoon and special production directors were also in attendance at the press conference.

EXO will be collaborating with reknowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang (drama fans might know him as the pianist behind Nodame’s performances in the Japanese live action Nodame Cantabile movies) in their performance, which will be particularly interesting to see – considering they’re known for their dance songs, what sort of piece will they perform that would include a classical pianist?

There has, however, been a bit of a hiccup over arrangements with ambassadors JYJ – their management agency, C-Jes, was quick to issue a statement after the press conference clarifying that they were not given any notice regarding the press conference after they earlier agreed to perform at the Incheon Asian Games. Let’s hope we won’t see JYJ yet again on the receiving end of poor treatment by organizers and TV station.

The 2014 Incheon Asian Games will be held from September 19th to October 4th.

From OSEN & Edaily


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