Teaser Release & Press Conference for SBS It’s Okay, It’s Love

Despite the melo premise for upcoming SBS drama It’s Okay, It’s Love (it’s about characters with psychological disorders), the recent string of promotional material – particularly these quirky posters – pointed to the drama being more of a light romance. To say it created some confusion would be a serious understatement. It seems that despite original expectations it is the exact tone they’re trying to achieve, though, with the newest teaser from SBS continuing in that cheerful vein and the official website descriptions underlining a “happy, warm and inspirational” story of people with psychological disorders achieving understanding and acceptance. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we might have a sexy, warm and heartfelt summer romance on our hands. I can totally get behind that.

The previously reported OST theme song by Chen of EXO can also be heard for the first time in this trailer – it’s a sweet, breezy track in which he’s singing his confession of love, echoing the two leads’ own burgeoning relationship. Chen’s gorgeous, crystal clear vocals really capture the summery and romantic atmosphere of It’s Okay, It’s Love perfectly.

I never doubted that Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung would make an adorable couple (Gong Hyo Jin would probably have chemistry with a rock), but whoa momma, check out that steamy beach scene! I’m excited that this has all the makings of a wonderful ensemble drama – I’m willing to bet there’ll be more than a few heartstrings tugged by the always-reliable Sung Dong Il and Lee Kwang Soo.

The happy-looking main cast consisting of Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Dong Il, Lee Kwang Soo and EXO’s D.O (acting under his real name of Do Kyung Soo) attended the July 15th press conference earlier today with PD Kim Kyu Tae and Writer Noh Hee Kyung at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, after which they flew to China for the twin press conference. It’s always a downer when casts turns up to press conferences looking dour and miserable, so hooray for a cheerful group instead for It’s Okay, It’s Love, displaying what appears to be potent cast chemistry already.

Gong Hyo Jin is still looking a little battered from the injuries she suffered recently when she was involved in a major car accident and bandages were visible on her elbows and knees, but it was nice to see a gentlemanly Jo In Sung taking care of her throughout the event.

And how adorable is Jo In Sung and D.O? The latter professed to be a fan of Jo In Sung, admitting that he even sported the same haircut as Jo In Sung after watching his performance in the movie A Dirty Carnival.

Noh Hee Kyung stressed during the press conference that the aim of the drama was to look beyond social prejudice towards mental illness, a condition that is far more complex and widespread than is commonly understood, and realize that those with mental illnesses are neither weird nor creepy.

It’s Okay, It’s Love follows You’re All Surrounded on SBS with its premiere on July 23rd and will be streamed simultaneously in China on online video platforms Youku and Tudou. Along with Chen, Yoon Mi Rae (of The Master’s Sun OST “Touch Love” fame) will also be lending her voice to the OST.

From Newsen, Star News


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