Thai Drama – Roy Ruk Hak Liem Tawan

Please don’t disappoint me like all these other Thai dramas I’ve seen recently, new series, The Rising Sun: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan or Love Conquers the Sun (in Thai “tawan” normally refers to the sun, but in this case “tawan” is used to represent Japan) by Thai TV 3 production company, Maker Group has recently began airing and from the first two episodes I really like the story. Love Conquers the Sun is the first in the three part series that is adapted from a book series of the same name.

The Rising Sun Part 1 follows the story of Takeshi played by Mario Muarer and Praew Dao/ Seiko played by Taew Nataporn. Takeshi is the youngest son of an ancient and influential samurai line named Onizuka who falls in love with Praew Dao at first sight, however he doesn’t want to endanger her if she becomes associated with him but his cousin Ryu, played by Nadech Kugimiya, decides to play cupid and the two spend some time together. However once Seiko finds out that Takeshi has been bethrothed since birth to another samurai line and that his fiancée to be Aiko played by Pat Napapa, has a nasty temper and is extremely possessive she decides to back off and cut off ties with Takeshi by lying to him that she has a boyfriend waiting for her back in Thailand. A certain tragic accident occurs in the family (spoiler alert – both of Takeshi’s parents, his older brother and his pregnant sister in law are killed in a car bomb “accident” which was caused by two of the guys in the Onizuka employ who have turned to the dark side) forcing Takeshi to finally accept his lineage and take revenge on those who wronged the clan. Things get more complicated for our lead when his crazy fiancée-to-be learns of his feelings for Seiko, making her a target and his weakness.

The second part of the series The Rising Sun: Roi Fun Tawan Deard or Dreaming of the Burning Sun will also go on air shortly and is produced by Maker Y Group and will star Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya Sperbund as Mayumi. The two also star in the first part of the series and we’ve already seen how the two first met in episode two (I’ll most likely make a separate post for part two later on when it airs). The drama also stars many other veterans such a Chai Chatayodom as Onizuka Ichiro, Takeshi’s father and patriarch of the clan, Job Nithi, Au Thanakorn and Phanudet Watanachart also star as Ichiro’s most trusted advisors. On the opposing side, Dom Haetrakul is Misawa Renki, Aiko’s father and head of the Misawa clan, Beam Saranyu plays Aiko’s brother Satoshi and Deaw Suriyon is bad guy Sato Kenichi.

The Rising Sun: Roi Ruk Hak Liem Tawan airs on Thai TV 3 at 8:15pm on Wednesday – Thursday.


I really really liked the first two episodes of the series and I look forward to watching the rest of the series. Where Takeshi is all calm and quiet, Ryu is a charming hot head and the two characters go well together not to mention Nadech and Mario work really well together and the two characters are just like brothers. Takeshi is definitely the more rational one but Ryu provides such lols as the awesome wingman and cupid and it seems like 80% of the comedic scenes are just pure Nadech. I do like Praew Dao’s character and Taew is an amazing actress, I just really don’t want her to be a weak female lead who can’t stand up for herself and bitch slap that crazy ass Aiko. Yaya’s character Mayumi on the other hand seems like she’ll be heaps feisty and awesome, however both female leads characters fit well with their male counter parts. Mayumi and Ryu seem to be giving off the same aura that Nadech and Yaya gave off when playing Fai and Jeed in Duang Jai Akanee, and it’s awesome to see these two paired up again. The series sees the reunion of not just Yaya and Nadech but also Taew and Mario who starred in Plerng Torranong together which was Mario’s first lead drama. The location is also heaps amazing because they actually went to film in Japan during sakura season.

*Random side note; Pat totally looks different she’s rocking the crazy evil look really well and holy crap her chest is like… wtf happened to her?



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