Full MV Released for Chen’s ‘Best Luck’ OST Track for It’s Okay, It’s Love

SBS sure knows how to keep fans thirsting – out of nowhere, the full MV for EXO Chen’s hit OST track “Best Luck” (sung for It’s Okay, It’s Love) was released via CJ E&M’s Youtube channel at noon, featuring both seen and unseen scenes from the drama and Chen recording in studio. The MV teaser and full digital OST track was released last week on July 23rd to great success and continues to top music charts, boding well as Chen’s first solo OST endeavour – with any luck (pun not intended), we have a future OST king right here.

There’s something to be said for not only being able to hear but now see Chen pour his heart and soul into the sweet song, which describes a man confessing that meeting his lover was an unavoidable destiny and the ‘best luck’ of his life. The scenes of Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin’s characters bickering, fighting and then turning up the heat (that scene where he switches off the light, rawr) definitely promises a beautiful and eventful romance, though it remains to be seen whether it’ll end well as well, since both have major emotional scars to deal with.

I won’t be recapping It’s Okay, It’s Love (other bloggers are recapping it and doing a better job than I can, plus I’m hoping I can fit The Three Musketeers into my schedule), but I did watch the first two episodes and loved it. It’s trademark Noh Hee Kyung/Kim Kyu Tae – sharp and intelligent writing with characters not afraid to display some cutting wit, thought-provoking subject matter and absolutely beautifully shot with a lovely OST. It appears to be generally well-received at this point, though I suspect it’s the type of drama that one either loves or doesn’t; the distinctive style doesn’t work for everyone. One notable polarizing factor seems to be the quirky, upbeat music choice at many scenes which one would expect to be sad and emotional, but I’d argue that is the exact point Noh Hee Kyung is getting at with the entire drama – problems with mental health and other issues such as cheating and family problems are part of everyday life and while they shouldn’t be laughing matters, they don’t always have to be angsty and melodramatic, either. When given the choice to laugh or cry, I’d always pick the former.

There has also been a particular theory running rampant in discussion forums over the connection between D.O’s character, Han Kang Woo, and Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) – sharp-eyed individuals may find more evidence of interest in Chen’s OST MV in support of this.

In other OST-related news, Part 2 of the OST is sung by Davichi and will be released on July 30th.

From TV Report


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