EXO July Updates

  • EXO’s sexy maknaes Sehun and Kai will grace the cover of Grazia Korea’s August Issue in a preview that was released just this afternoon. I have no idea when they snuck out to do this shoot considering this is the first fans have heard of the shoot, but I’m looking forward to seeing the two youngest in a spread of their own. On a fangirl-ing note, OMG Oh Sehun! That hint of shoulder and those collarbones totally perfect, and if I wasn’t also a Kai fan that would have diverted my attention away from Kai’s hair, but alas I noticed and omg Jongin I hope your hair looks better in the other photos (can we go back to that hair you were rocking during the early episodes of Showtime???) Source Rakuten.

  • The MV for EXO’s lead singer Chen’s OST for fellow member D.O’s SBS drama “It’s OK, It’s Love” was also released at 12pm Korean time today, the song is titled “Best Luck”. Source, Star
  • Former member Kris’s OST for the movie “Tiny Times 3” directed by Guo Jing Ming, and both the movie and OST was also officially released on the 17th of July, the song is titled “Time Boils the Rain”.

  • EXO-M’s maknae Tao meanwhile wrapped up filming for his upcoming SBS variety “Law of the Jungle – Solomon Islands” last week and made an appearance at their Changsha concert on the 27th with a swollen foot, which meant that he was unable to perform his solo and most of the dances although he was an active participant and was even the lucky fan of the night during the fan service/XOXO segment. SM later released a statement which said that Tao had injured his right foot when he stepped on some coral during his filming, “He got treatment right away by the on-site doctor. He also had examination and treatment at the transfer point in Singapore, and also again in China.” Source Sina.

  • EXO’s D.O also attended the premiere of period movie “The Pirates” which stars Kim Na-Jil and on Ye-Jin and opens in theatres on the 6th of August. Source Osen
  • The EXO boys will also be starring in their new variety show “EXO 90:2014” which goes on air on the 15th of August and will air on Mnet, the show will feature the boys meeting various entertainers and icons who were popular in the 90’s. Since the boys are in midst of their world tour and each member seems to have solo projects all over I’m not sure where they’re going to find the time for all this but I’m looking forward to seeing the boys get their own show. The first episode however will only feature the EXO-K boys but hopefully we’ll see all 11 of the boys in episode 2.

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