EXO’s Sehun and Kai for Grazia Korea

Holy crap! Grazia Korea has released new some stills from Sehun and Kai’s mid August shoot and apart from that hair Kai is sporting and those mandals, I’m pretty happy with the concept and I can’t wait to see the full spread.

Grazia Korea released 3 stills along with the official cover today, consisting of 2 respective individual shots and one featuring both of the boys.
EXO’s youngest, Sehun, is shown dressed casually and barefoot and OMG I am totally in love with that look . Lead dancer Kai meanwhile is sporting a faraway look that is accessorised with mandals and what looks to be a skirt? Which is not a good look for him especially paired with the crimped middle parting (what did those stylists over at Grazia DO to you Kai?!?).
The final released still features the boys seated casually and like their individual stills neither of the boys are looking directly at the camera. Also check out those Oh thighs .
Overall I’m liking the concept of the shoot and I can’t wait to see more of the boys (and YES that is meant to be a double entendre )

Cr TopStarNews


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