High School: Love On – Episode 2 Recap

Give me those warm and fuzzy feelings KBS!! High School: Love On continues to feed my cute romance addiction and Kim Sae Ron has amazing chemistry with both of the Infinite boys. During the second episode; a bromance is formed, sparks fly between our leads and Woo Hyun enters in to a new school. The preview of episode 3 does worry me though because I’m seriously hoping that they won’t throw focus on to our innocent angel going in to school and getting bullied because she doesn’t know the ranks of high school life and our lead also making enemies. Please please just focus on the cuteness that is Seul Bi and Woo Hyun and throw in some healthy competition from Sung Yeol as well and give me the Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol bromance.

Seul Bi resolves that she will go back to angel land no matter what and steps in front of an incoming car, in the last split second she’s pulled back by none other than Woo Hyun who mysteriously knows exactly where she is. Woo Hyun yells at her for trying to do something so stupid and she tells him that it’s all his fault because he told her to go far way from him and to stop following him. Woo Hyun snaps at her to follow him and when she doesn’t budge he goes behind her and gives her a shove. From the front view we can see Seul Bi breaking out in to a happy grin.

Back at Granny’s place Woo Hyun’s phone rings and Seul Bi walks in to the bathroom, where Woo Hyun is having a shower to give it to him, Woo Hyun hides behind the shower curtain and orders her to get out. A now dry Woo Hyun paces the room furiously whilst Seul Bi insists that she didn’t see anything because she didn’t get a good look. He calls her a crazy pervert and she stares intently at his chest causing him to cover up his body in shock, she tells him that he has those chocolate abs that shes’ seen on TV and requests another look. Granny walks in and Woo Hyun tells her that they’ll probably need to install CCTV in the bathroom now cause they’ve got a crazy pervert living with them.

Seul Bi finally gets some food in her tummy and remarks that her sunbae would love this food, at the mention of “sunbae” Woo Hyun perks up in the hopes that she’s finally starting to remember parts of her past, however she tells him that her sunbae isn’t someone that he can see and he wonders is she can see ghosts.

The next day Seul Bi pops up wearing Woo Hyun’s old uniform that he threw out the night before, he tells her to take it off but she replies that he threw it out and she picked it up so its now hers. Granny asks him if this means that he’s going to transfer now, he tells her that he doesn’t want her wasting all that hardearned money. Woo Hyun tells Seul Bi that she cant event tie a tie properly and beckons her over (cue another charged moment), they stare at each other for a moment and then Woo Hyun pulls Seul Bi into a headlock to get her to take off the uniform, Granny tells him to get Seul Bi something new to wear whilst he’s out buying his new uniform.

Woo Hyun picks out a dress for her and shows it to Seul Bi who shakes her head and tells him it looks like a pineapple. The next one looks like a watermelon, getting frustrated Woo Hyun holds up two outfits and tells her that they look like an orange and an eggplant right? He gives up and tells her that she cant even dress herself properly. Woo Hyun walks out in his new uniform and Seul Bi tells him that he looks really good and starts to fuss over him, making the store assistant remark that he has a cute girlfriend, he tells her that Seul Bi isn’t his girlfriend and pushes her off him. Seul Bi spots a uniform and points at it telling Woo Hyun to buy her that outfit, he tells her that he’ll buy her something else instead but she replies that she’ll continue to hold on to his arm if he won’t buy it for her. The store assistant hands her one and tells her to try it on, Seul Bi runs in to the change room, and walks out looking really cute in it, which causes Woo Hyun to stop and stare for a bit. He pulls himself together and tells her to take the uniform off because she doesn’t even go to school, she tells him that if that’s the case then she’ll go to school.

Sung Yeol is sitting down with his father and step-mother for his birthday and things don’t go so well, dad tries to ease the tension. Sung Yeol gets a welcome distraction in the form of Seul Bi who starts to check herself out in the window and we see her wearing her new school uniform, and whilst Sung Yeol recognizes her as the girl he gave his umbrella to, she doesn’t appear to see him. Step-mum hides her face because Seul Bi is wearing the uniform from the school she teaches at.

Sung Yeol’s family exits the café when a thief runs past and grabs step mums bag, Seul Bi gives chase followed by Woo Hyun who chases HER and Sung Yeol and his father, the former gives chase because he doesn’t want to be stuck with step mum. Woo Hyun manages to corner the thief and Seul Bi helps out by using her powers, which she seems to have retained in her human form. However her magic drains her energy and she collapses in to Sung Yeol’s arms whilst Woo Hyun rushes to her side. He ends up piggy backing her home and complains that while other people run away from dangerous situations she runs towards them. He muses that he must be the worst person that she knows, always telling her to get lost, Seul Bi tells him not to abandon her then, and Woo Hyun immediately drops her. She complains that the world is spinning and her legs are still tired so he heaves her back up again, and tells her to lay off the food.

Reaper sunbae comes to visit Seul Bi and hands her some documents and money to help her while she’s still human, Seul Bi shares that she still has her powers but that she gets drained when she uses them, he advises her to not use them for the time being. Seul Bi walks in while Granny is ironing Woo Hyun’s new uniform and requests that Granny irons her new uniform as well, Granny wonder why Seul Bi got one and asks her if she wants to go to school as well. Seul Bi tells her that because Woo Hyun is going she wants to go as well, Granny slyly asks her if she likes Woo Hyun Seul Bi starts to answer that she doesn’t but thinks that if she denies that Granny wouldn’t believe her so she tells her that she likes him. Woo Hyun comes along and tells Granny that he’s not that easy, and asks Seul Bi if what she just said was a confession cause he would like to politely reject her now (LOL you won’t be doing any of that later buddy).

The next day Woo Hyun puts on his new school uniform and goes down to have breakfast, when Granny asks him if he has time, he looks at the clock and says he’s got plenty of time. Seul Bi reveals that she actually took out the bird because the noise it was making annoyed her. Woo Hyun rushes off to school but ends up being late and is forced to do push ups with the other late comers including one Choi Jae Suk (played by Kim Young Jae) whom his friend Ki Soo advises to avoid eye contact with unless he wants to die. Woo Hyun is introduced to his new class which also consists of Sung Yeol and Jae Suk, and all the girls swoon at his looks.

Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun both help out one of the kids who gets targeted by Jae Suk, leading them to run late in to Ethics class which Sung Yeol’s step mum teaches, she sends the boys out of the classroom for there tardiness and Sung Yeol apologises to Woo Hyun before taking a punch at him. Step mum comes out and slaps Sung Yeol’s face when he tries to rile a reaction out of her, much to the surprise of Woo Hyun. The two boys are sent outside to run laps where they spend time bonding/ trying to out run each other/ forming their bromance, Sung Yeol asks Woo Hyun whether the girl who fainted is ok and Woo Hyun asks him if he’s interested in her (nooooooooooo don’t start a love triangle!!!!! Even though I knew from the get go that one would start, please don’t let it be an angsty triangle!! I don’t want the bromance to be broken up!).

One of the girls from Woo Hyun’s class visits his grandmothers place where she warns Seul Bi not to look in his direction, when Seul Bi answers all the questions on a quiz show the girl pulls her down and tells her to try and solve her homework for her (and here we have bully number two and her female sidekick…yayyyyyyyy). Granny tells Woo Hyun that she thinks they should send Seul Bi to school because she seems like a smart kid, he tells her to send Seul Bi anywhere but his school. Sung Yeol’s step mum goes through her bag and pulls out a necklace, which we see is identical to the lock necklace that Woo Hyun was wearing in the prologue.

The next day the boys head to swimming class, where Woo Hyun accidentally hears a phone call that Jae Suk makes (uh oh not good Woo Hyun), Woo Hyun feigns illness when its his turn to get in the pool and Coach says that he can clean up afterwards instead, his friend asks him what his deal with water is, Woo Hyun looks over and finds Jae Suk staring at him.

In the changeroom Jae Suk gestures to his minions to go and get Woo Hyun’s dry clothes from his locker, the boys know what to do afterwards and throw Woo Hyun’s clothes in the sink and leave the tap on. He calls the restaurant and tells Seul Bi to bring him a new set of clothes but to make sure Granny doesn’t know. Seul Bi tries to ride the bike so she can get to him faster, but forgets to take the bike off its stand and so settles for running after some guy riding a bike instead and trying to figure out how he does it.

As Woo Hyun is cleaning up, Jae Suk comes in for a “chat” and kicks Woo Hyun in to the pool while he’s trying to grab one of the kick boards, *cue childhood flashback * and we see present day Woo Hyun flailing about in the pool whilst Jae Suk walks away with a smirk.



OMG those like scenes with Woo Hyun and Seul Bi in breathing space distance, I’m not seeing hot as hell chemistry but I do see the chemistry between the two of them and Kim Sae Ron is just so awesome at her role. I also really liked that scene with Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol just trying to out do each other, and it was like an unspoken hand of friendship.

God I really hope that those three girl bullies don’t hurt Seul Bi, seriously this is supposed to be my “light hearted and fluffy” drama, but here we are in the second episode and Woo Hyun already has a guy who hates his guts and we were briefly introduced to three girls who are probably used to getting their way. The second episode gave us a further insight in to Sung Yeol’s family life and I hope that the appearance of that lock necklace won’t hinder the blossoming bromance between Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun, although I do picture there being a scene in the future where they talk about their mothers/ lack of and bonding over it, but there will also be some type of confrontation scene when Sung Yeol finds out who Woo Hyun’s mother really is, and at first when Woo Hyun says that step mum looks really familiar, I assumed he was remembering her face from the café but now I think he actually meant her face is familiar as in he’s got a picture of her sitting in a drawer at home or something like that.

His childhood trauma with pools/water does seem to be connected to his mother though, and from that brief glimpse I think he was still in the early stages of learning to swim and lost his grip on his kick board while mum was on an important phone call which might have led to the separation of his parents, the phone call not the pool incident. I’m also curious how Seul Bi is still able to retain her powers albeit she can’t use them unless she wants to overexert herself again, is it kind of like how when you’re turned in to a vampire you still retain your human memories? Yeah I can’t believe I just mentioned vampires either but hey this IS fantasy drama, so everything goes. Also oh dear at Granny popping medication, I hope this doesn’t spell future bad news, not after Seul Bi said that Granny would live to a ripe old age!

I’m looking forward to episode three though cause OMG those scenes that I saw from the OST with Sung Yeol and Seul Bi, gahhh it sucks they aren’t the main pairing but yeah, I do semi ship them, but that scene with Woo Hyun blocking the volleyball from smashing Seul Bi…swoon.


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