Behind the Scenes with Sehun and Kai

Oh my god ! Grazia Korea is officially my new favourite magazine! The kind souls over there have released two separate behind the scenes videos of EXO’s Sehun and Kai’s shoot for them. Both videos feature a kind of “home made” feel to them, like one of those old school home movies? But shot so much more cinematically, I’m not really sure how to put the exact effect used, in to words, but I really love it and the background music really takes the cake for making the bts so perfect.

The videos give me a kind of “long gone” lover type of feel, especially the scenes where the boys are outside and looking/smiling directly at the camera ( I may have fallen to the ground in a puddle of goo during that part). The BTS videos for both Kai and Sehun give off a charismatic aura but still manages to retain the boys, youth and cuteness. Overall I loved the concept of both the BTS and the shoot itself and I love that they finally got a chance to do some individual stuff. I honestly can’t express how much I love this whole photoshoot and I hope that the boys will get to do some more individual stuff like this again (pssst they’re also set to appear on Running Man on the 17th of August along with Taemin and Sistar’s Soyou)

Kai’s BTS was released first on the 5th of August

Sehun’s was released today on the 7th

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