High School: Love On – Episode 2 & 3 Extras

The kind staff over at KBS have not only gifted us with a BTS but have now gifted High School: Love On viewers with deleted scenes from episodes 2 and 3. I’m really enjoying the overall show and Kim Sae Ron has loads of chemistry with both of the boys, I also like that although there are bullies in the show, we don’t spend an extreme amount of time with them,and that both of the boys are ready to defend Seul Bi if the occasion calls for it (not that the feisty angel can’t hold her own). I hope that if anymore of these scenes are cut from the final footage that KBS continue to release them for us, because they are some really cute scenes, and the friendship between the trio is slowly growing stronger.

Episode 2 – The scene is basically after the start of episode 2 when Woo Hyun saves Seul Bi. Woo Hyun takes off his shirt and gives it to Seul Bi who is hesitant to put it on, he guesses that its because she thinks that it will make her colder, which surprises her because he is spot on, she wonders if he’s a mind reader/alien like Do Min Joo from You Who Came From the Stars, Woo Hyun just slings the shirt over her shoulders and sits back down on his bike. He looks down and sees the umbrella and asks her where she got it from, she tells him that she got it from a good looking human and he tells her not to accept things from strangers next time. We finally see that the two are parked in front of his school, Seul Bi tells Woo Hyun that this place holds good memories for him, but that individuals make different memories, and that if he thinks good thoughts he will be able to create new memories for himself, memories that are better than the ones created here.

Episode 3 – This one takes place outside the convenience store after they all go for a swim in the pool. The trio sit outside to eat ramyun and Seul Bi burns her tongue so Sung Yeol hands her one of the bottles sitting next to him and tells her to eat slowly. Woo Hyun who’s sitting on the other side doesn’t approve of the way they’re smiling at each other and tells Sung Yeol to pass him some water as well, Sung Yeol asks him if he didn’t drink enough water back at the pool. Seul Bi passes Woo Hyun her bottle of water and remarks that she’s already drunk all the hot stuff, which causes Sung Yeol to smile to himself, the ever observant Woo Hyun notices and brings it up, asking Sung Yeol if he’s fallen for him, Sung Yeol asks Woo Hyun if he’s been taking drugs (lol I totally love these two). Seul Bi tells Sung Yeol that he looks better when he smiles and tells him to smile some more (now that he’s being forced his smile looks more like a grimace…hahaha).

Episode 3 – This one occurs when the trio stand outside the classroom with their arms raised as punishment for not bringing their textbooks. Technically Sung Yeol gives his textbook to Seul Bi to use and then Woo Hyun shoves his towards her to endure punishment with him and then Seul Bi hides both the boys textbooks and follows them out. After a while Seul Bi starts to complain that her arms hurt, Sung Yeol hooks a finger through the hair tie thats around her wrist and she smiles, not one to be outdone Woo Hyun moves closer and props up Seul bi’s other arm with his own raised one. Woo Hyun picks up on Sung Yeol’s blush and calls him out on it again, Sung Yeol tells him that his face is red from all the blood rushing from his arms, so they hurt, before Woo Hyun can say much more the teacher walks out to check on them and the trio straighten up immediately.


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