The Musketeers Have Their Muskets in The Three Musketeers

Or at least Jung Yong Hwa’s character Park Dal Hyang does, anyway, which will put to rest any lingering dissatisfaction over the musketeers’ previous lack of muskets that I’ve seen in some quarters. The above display of weapon prowess comes from the latest batch of stills released for tvN’s upcoming drama The Three Musketeers, which has been gearing up for its premiere on August 17th with a series of slick and stylish stills and video teasers. Granted, none of them significantly advances our understanding of the plot beyond what we already know from the synopsis, but boy, are they pretty.

My most pressing question, however, is what weapon we’ll see Park Dal Hyang using next – so far he has wielded the sword, bow and musket, but there are always staffs, axes, pikes… small surprise he ends up recruited to the Crown Prince’s cause. Why take an army with you when you can have a one man fighting machine?

With just over a week left to go before the first episode, we also have two previews of the 1st episode, in which Dal Hyang meets our Crown Prince and his intrepid bodyguards, introducing himself as Park Dal Hyang of Kangwondo and demanding to know their identities in return. Crown Prince Sohyeon replies, “The Three Musketeers.”

Ahhh, so our prince is counted as one of the original three musketeers in this adaptation, with Dal Hyang/D’Artagnan fulfilling his role as the young man who later joins the three.

In stark contrast to the serious, dramatic tone of the teasers are the scenes of Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jin Wook, Yang Dong Geun and Jung Hae In joking around and goofing off behind the scenes (though they’re all professionalism during filming). Yang Dong Geun doing the Gangnam Style horse dance with a complete poker face, HAHA.

I always love seeing cast members getting along and having fun, and in this case it gives me hope for some major bromantic chemistry. We’ll see how it turns out on August 17th.

From tvN


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