High School: Love On – Episode 3 Recap

Ok it totally sucks that KBS is airing only one episode per week cause OMG the series just keeps getting cuter and I spend half the time smiling at my screen from cuteness. One of the things that I was scared of when I saw the preview is that they would spend an inordinate amount of time on Seul Bi getting bullied and whilst there were some scenes namely when she got ganged up on during sports, we moved on quite quickly to the cute and fluffy, for which I’m glad. In a way it seems as though the drama is moving at a fast pace, the boys are starting to develop feelings for her, Sung Yeol’s step mum seems to have found out who Woo Hyun is and Seul Bi is becoming humanized, which makes me wonder what the writers have planned for us to keep viewers hooked until November.

After flailing about for a bit Woo Hyun goes limp and we see Seul Bi dive in to help him out but since she can’t really swim all she’s able to do is to get Woo Hyun flailing about again, enter Sung Yeol who grasps the two by their collars and tells Woo Hyun that his feet can touch the ground, once Woo Hyun realises his mistake Sung Yeol swims off. Seul Bi asks Woo Hyun if he can actually swim and he tells her that he’s like a seal, she muses that seals can actually swim so he’s more like a dog.

The wet trio enter the classroom and Sung Yeol hands Seul Bi his gym clothes so that she can change in to them, she takes them gratefully only to have them pulled out of her hands as Woo Hyun shoves his new uniform at her instead and tells Sung Yeol that his clothes are dirty and then points out that if Seul Bi wears his uniform Sung Yeol has nothing to wear. Woo Hyun tells Seul Bi that she can change in the classroom and that they’ll go and change in the bathroom (wait how come they can’t all go to their respective bathrooms? The classroom has WINDOWS people! Any perve could be peeking at Seul Bi changing in the classroom). Now dressed in dry clothes the trio head home and as they pass by the convenience store where Sung Yeol and Seul Bi met, Sung Yeol asks her if she remembers what happened there.

She gets a flash of recognition and calls him “umbrella”; she tells him that of course she remembers because it was so cold that day. Sung Yeol asks her where she lives and then offers to walk her home, but before she can get much out Woo Hyun grabs her hand and starts to drag her away, saying he’ll take her home because they live in the same neighbourhood, Seul Bi turns around to wave at Sung Yeol and tells him that she’ll see him around.

Woo Hyun tells Seul Bi to stop smiling at Sung Yeol which earns him a confused look until she realises “umbrella” probably isn’t Sung Yeol’s real name, she tells Woo Hyun that she likes his name because it sounds cool like the person, she tells him that his name is pretty cool as well, to which he replies that his face is cooler then his name, the two continue to bicker on the way home.

The next morning Woo Hyun notices that his necklace is missing and searches high and low for it, when Granny tells him to stop looking and that she’ll buy him a new one, he snaps at her that there is only one in the world so buying a new one is impossible. He tells her that just because it looks the same doesn’t mean it is the same (I guess this is similar to how many parents try to replace childhood toys which have long passed their date but their child just knows that, what they are holding/playing with is not the same toy that they have grown attached to), Granny tells him that he lost the necklace because it was time for him to get over it (does she mean his mother leaving?) Woo Hyun turns and asks Granny if that means that she’ll get over him if she loses him as well, and walks out of the store.

Granny sees Seul Bi going over the homework that one of the girls gave for her to do and asks if Seul Bi will help Woo Hyun with his work because she knows that he is smart but he’s just not trying, Granny slyly asks If Seul Bi wants to go to school so that she can help jog her memory. Seul Bi goes in to school to get her paper work done but is stopped by a strange man before she can enter the office, it’s the same guy that she stared at when she was walking in to the police station with Woo Hyun. The guy tells her that all her paper work is done and tells her two switch envelopes with him, she’s naturally suspicious of him and asks how he knew that she was coming, the strange guy tells her that besides a few things he basically knows everything, so that she should just assume that he knows all. When Seul Bi hides her own envelope behind her back the strange guy laughs that she’s acting like a real human, being skeptical of strangers, he shows her the document with her name on it and the paperwork trade off finally happens.

Seul Bi runs in to her reaper sunbae outside and the strange man comes up to her and says he just told her not to talk to strange men and here she is talking to one, he drifts off once he realises that sunbae is looking right at him and backpedals to tell Seul Bi that if she keeps talking to air people will think she’s crazy. Seul Bi and Sunbae sit down for a talk and she tells him that humans are more mysterious then she thought. He remarks that she seems to be comfortable living as a human now and that maybe she should stay one for the rest of her life. She tells him that she has to get comfortable and used to it until she can go back, and he asks her if she’s sure that she wants to go back to being a reaper. He asks her if she can see him well right now, and she worriedly asks him if he’s hinting that she won’t be able to see him in the future (because humans can’t see angels), sunbae gets up to leave and when Seul Bi tries to grab his hand, her fingers slip right through.

The next day Seul Bi turns up in Woo Hyun’s class much to his surprise, and when he tries to shove her out of the classroom the teacher asks him if he knows her, Seul Bi confirms that they live with each other, the teacher remarks that they have different surnames and asks if they’re cousins, Woo Hyun weakly tells him that there’s a situation at home so she’s staying with him (lol I guess you wouldn’t want to say you were cousins if further along the line you showed interest in your “cousin”). Seul Bi spots Sung Yeol and skips over to him, happy that they are in the same class, she says that it’s just like a drama, Woo Hyun’s friend Ki Soo says to himself that he refuses to watch this drama and covers his eyes.

The class gets ready for gym and Seul Bi gets her shoes thrown around by girl bully and her friend, in the gym the bullies give a signal to the some of their clique and Seul Bi is targeted during volleyball, the ball is passed to Ye Na (head bully) and she delivers the final blow, only to have the ball hit Woo Hyun on the back instead. Seul Bi looks up at Woo Hyun with blood dripping from her nose and the two share a charged moment, Ye Na meanwhile tries to make feeble excuses to Woo Hyun while the whole class looks on, he grabs Seul Bi’s hand and drags her outside.

He scolds her for not defending herself when the other girls were ganging up on her and she asks him why they would pick on her, he sticks some tissues in her nose to stop the bleeding, their teacher finally catches up to them and sentences the pair to a week of school community service for a week.

The pair are in the library putting back books as their community service, Seul Bi feels bad that she got Woo Hyun in to this punishment with her and places a book on the shelf with the title,” I’m Sorry! I’m Sorry”. He places a book next to hers and this time it says, “You make my life tough”, Seul Bi holds up two books this time with the titles, “I’m Hungry” and “Eat Well, Live Well”, Woo Hyun reads the titles and cracks a smile whilst calling her an “airhead”. She notices that he’s still missing his necklace and he tells her that he doesn’t need it anymore because it’s from someone who’s’ face he can’t even remember. She notices the tremor in his voice and puts her hand over his heart and tells him to just say when it hurts and not lie about it.

Seul Bi runs out of school only to spot Ye Na and her lackey up front, she quickly hides behind a tree to avoid being seen by them, but later scolds herself for hiding like a coward, she practices what she’ll say to the bullies next time and we see Sung Yeol look over from his bench and laugh at Seul Bi who’s actually rehearsing her lines with a tree. She goes to the swimming pool to find Woo Hyun’s necklace but discovers the door locked, Sung Yeol comes up and asks her what she’s doing there and she tells him that she’s misplaced something inside but cant get in, he tells her to wait and goes to get the key from the gym teacher.

Seul Bi walks along the edge of the pool searching for her necklace, and Sung Yeol asks her if the item she’s searching for is important, he wonders if it’s from her boyfriend (Ok he’s totally sussing out if she’s single or not, can he come and ask me that question???), she tells him that it was a gift from her mother (oh god, I don’t want to see when he sees the necklace on Woo Hyun *hides in corner and closes her eyes*). Seul Bi grabs a pair of goggles and sticks her head in the pool to try and find the necklace, Sung Yeol hands her a towel and tells her to get to work and that he’ll have a look for her (awwwwwwww I want a Sung Yeol!!!).

Ye Na and her friend decide to pull a prank on Seul Bi and call her from a café to get her to deliver ddeokbokki to them. Woo Hyun meanwhile is distracted by his missing necklace and his friend drags him off to get some food, the boys end up at the same café as the girls and Ye Na and her friend scuttle off so that Woo Hyun can’t see them, just as Seul Bi walks in the door. Woo Hyun gets a phone call and its Sung Yeol calling for Seul Bi, he passes his phone to her after some grumbling and tells her to hang up in 10 seconds. She rushes off to meet Sung Yeol but not before passing a grocery list to Woo Hyun and telling him to buy the things that Granny wants for her.

Sung Yeol is in his room looking at the necklace, and it’s interesting to see how his expression changes when his step mum enters his room, she notices the necklace and asks him where he got it from, but like all of their interaction Sung Yeol walks off. Seul Bi brightens when she sees Sung Yeol and she glances around him for her necklace and the two kind of play a game where he hides the necklace when she glances around him for it (seriously this scene is actually heaps cute ). He tells her it took a lot of effort for him to find the necklace for her and requests that she get him a car (ok I can’t resist pointing out that they’re both wearing stripes, total couple/OTP moment)

The two head to an arcade where Seul Bi plays one of those driving games, she nearly loses control of her wheel but Sung Yeol’s hand automatically steadies hers and whilst he is affected by the skinship Seul Bi is oblivious (ok I got total Mi Rae’s Choice type feels during this part, mainly because it reminded me of Mi Rae and Se Joo, when he made fawn eyes at her for the whole world to see and she wasn’t even affected). Seul Bi later wins a car for Sung Yeol at one of those crane games, and he thanks her for gifting it to him because he’s been having a bad day, she asks him if he’s being bullied because if he is she’ll fend them off for him. She suddenly starts to sneeze and Sung Yeol looks around for a pharmacy while telling her that she needs some medicine, but she reassures him that she’s healthy and has never taken medicine her whole life.

Woo Hyun and his friend Ki Soo are at the grocery store and when Woo Hyun absent-mindly throws something in to the trolley Ki Soo quickly takes it out and puts it back. The two run in to step mum, and she asks Woo Hyun for his name, she follows them back to Granny’s restaurant (and I think that she’s figured out that Woo Hyun is the son she abandoned). Woo Hyun wonders to himself where Seul Bi and we see him make a phone call to Sung Yeol to ask him if he’s with Seul Bi, except he didn’t really make a call and was just practicing what to say..lol. He complains that Seul Bi couldn’t even give him a call to let him know that she’s going to be late and then realises that she doesn’t actually have a phone to call him, from. Next thing we know he’s standing in a phone store and choosing a phone.

Seul Bi happily runs home to give Woo Hyun his necklace but encounters a few mishaps along the way, which results in her having to use her powers to retrieve his necklace, reaper sunbae is watching the whole thing from afar (she probably shouldn’t have run around swinging the damn thing, like it was toy though).

We see Woo Hyun waiting for her anxiously on a bridge (I think it’s the same bridge from ep 1, so we might have found our OTP meeting spot) and he lets out a sigh of relief when he spots her but then rushes over when he notices her injured and limping, he starts to scold her but she stops him by presenting his necklace and putting it around his neck for him. She tells him not to lose it again because it took a lot of effort for her to get it back for him, he cuts her off by giving her a pat on the head and thanking her, which stuns Seul Bi. He then sniffs his hand and her hair and asks her where she fell; did she perhaps…fall in love? He tells her that if she’s going to fall, then she should fall in love.



WHY KBS WHYYYY… MUST YOU GIVE ME SECOND LEAD SYNDROME ??!?! I’m not saying that I don’t like Woo Hyun cause I totally love his character but omg you can just see poor Sung Yeol falling for Seul Bi, and I kind of wish she could be split in to three, one for Woo Hyun, one for Sung Yeol and one for reaper Sunbae (although maybe with like different faces and names? Or like they get her in different realities? I don’t know cause having three Seul Bi’s at one time would be a bit weird, especially if Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol decided to double date and their girlfriends would look exactly the same… that’s a bit creepy).

I’m actually really worried for when Sung Yeol finds out that he went searching for a necklace for WOO HYUN and not Seul Bi, he’s going to be so depressed cause he’ll realise that she likes Woo Hyun, event though I think she doesn’t really understand the directions that her feelings are taking. The scene at the bridge when he pats her on the head is the first time we’ve seen her actually be affected by him, she didn’t even realise when Sung Yeol held her hand and she wasn’t affected by seeing Woo Hyun in the shower, nor the countless times that he’s pulled her by the hand.

I think that Sung Yeol’s step mum now knows who Woo Hyun is and I’m interested to see how this will change the way that she treats both Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol or will she treat them both the same way? The fact that Seul Bi can’t physically touch her sunbae and how he brings up the fact that she gets more human each day leads me to think that maybe in the future she won’t be able to see her sunbae, not because she loses sense of where she actually came from, but because she becomes more humanized, she experiences love, loss and the pettiness of humans. In a way she gets to live out her own drama, but dramas don’t prepare you for real life, and Seul Bi is still very much young to the world. The scene where the girls continuously throw the volleyball at her, she doesn’t understand WHAT she did to offend them, and the thing is that she didn’t do anything wrong except catch the attention of the two cutest boys in class.

Amongst all the cute and fluffy its scenes like the bullying that show us how petty and insecure humans can be, we dislike people when we can’t get what we want and I think that Seul Bi will get to learn all of these things as she continues on her journey. Maybe it’s a direct lesson from her superiors, those that are the most curious about humankind get to live out their curiosity and find out how flawed we are. I am curious however to find out who, the crazy guy at school is, clearly he can see reaper sunbae, so is he also a fallen angel sent to help out other fallen angels? Or is he someone who is gifted with sight to see them?

On a bit of a speculative note, I get the feeling that Sung Yeol will find out who she really is and helps her in her journey, so whilst Woo Hyun may be Seul Bi’s apparent love interest, I get the feeling that both Sung Yeol and Seul Bi are kindred spirits, who will become inexplicably linked together.


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