Monthly Favourites – August

Basically just a monthly post about some stuff I’ve been loving this month; music, dramas, books etc.


Album of the Month: Taeyang – Rise

Ok so the album has been out since like JUNE, but that doesn’t really matter. I was pretty neutral to the album at first, Taeyang sounded nice enough, but it didn’t really pull me, and then I kind of re-listened to it and fell in love. It’s a mix of pop/dance songs and showcases Taeyang’s vocals pretty well. The two songs I would recommend off the album to try out would be “Love You to Death” which was also written by Epik High’s Tablo and is my favourite track off the album and “Stay with Me” which features Taeyang’s Big Bang member G-Dragon.

Song/s of the Month: SHINee Taemin ft Kai – Pretty Boy, Winner Mino – I’m Him, EXO Chen – Best Luck, JYJ – Creation

SHINee’s maknae Taemin made his solo debut this month at the SMTown Concert singing his new songs “Ace“, “Danger” and “Pretty Boy” the latter was performed with EXO’s Kai whom is best friends with Taemin. Again like Taeyang’s new album, the first time I listened to Pretty Boy I was pretty neutral about it, and then I saw the two perform it on stage and decided to give the song another try, a couple dozens plays later and I’m hooked. It’s a nice kind of dance around your room type song.

YG rookie group Winner also finally made their debut with the album “S/S 2014“, releasing two title tracks, “Empty” and “Colour Ring“, however the song that I totally fell for was rapper Mino’s solo track titled, “I’m Him“, the song is literally an addiction and I just bop my head and dance along like I’m in a club whenever I have it blasting.

Chen’s track “Best Luck” was the first OST for fellow member D.O’s debut drama,It’s Ok, It’s Love, I love this song because just the sound of it makes me feel happy, and if I’m having a bad day Chen’s voice is sure to put me in a better mood. It’s a pretty awesome and happy track which you can find out more about here.

JYJ made a comeback with their second full length album “Just Us“, the title track “Back Seat” is R&B dance along with some other tracks on the album, with a sprinkling of slower songs, such as So So, in there as well, the album also achieved an “all-kill” within hours of its release. All the tracks are pretty awesome (apart from Valentine) but the track that hooked me the most was “Creation“, it’s a lyrically powerful song that points out how small we are in the Universe, and I would expect no less from a song penned by Jaejoong, just the opening lyrics draw you in to this wonderful song, “Have you looked in the sky. With new eyes that weren’t open before. I’ve never faced it before. The world that makes me look small”.

M/V of the Month: Sehun’s Remake of Shinhwa’s “Yo”

Yup, I’m going to admit that I love this MV because Oh Sehun is my baby maknae, and dark Sehun told me to follow him, so I’m following him, by repeating the MV and seeing light and dark Sehun battle each other, and totally loving it.



Drama of the Month: Thai Drama “Ruk Tong Oom”

Eeeek I’ve been waiting for this drama to come out for ages because it’s a reunion between my number one OTP, Grate Warintorn and Matt Peeranee. Ruk Tong Oom, is basically the story of how two close friends fall in love, and have to face the task that is looking after a baby (no the female protagonist does NOT get pregnant, the baby in question gets found by her). While I’ve got some issues with Matt’s character, namely her stubbornness, I love the two of them together because they’re so comfortable around one another, the supporting characters are also pretty awesome, minus the token bad people.



Book of the Month: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

I’m like a massive, massive fan of the series so when I saw it in my local library yesterday, I headed towards my local bookstore and grabbed a copy. I’m currently half way through the book and it has not disappointed me, although I would like to complain about the lack of romance between the two leads I understand why it’s like this. This third book is told from three and sometimes four different perspectives, generally it focuses on Celaena, Chaol and a third character named Manon, and the fourth perspective shifts between characters. I’m going to avoid saying anything spoiler-y, the only thing I have to say, is for those of you who haven’t heard of this series, go and read it. It’s an amazing series (although there are still three more books to go) set in a fantasy world, with a host of characters you’ll either hate or love and whilst the protagonist Celaena is only 18, with everything that she has gone through in life, you sometimes forget how young she actually is.


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