Thai Drama – Ruk Tong Oom

I’m a bit late in posting up the synopsis for this drama considering that it’s already about 7 episodes in, but I couldn’t resist not posting about my favourite Thai drama couple or as they say is Thai, “koo kwan”. “Ruk Tong Oom” or “Love Needs To Be Carried“/”Carried with Love” produced by Thai Tv 3’s Maker Group brings together real life best friends Matt Peeranee and Grate Warintorn for their third drama together and I am heaps happy with the drama. It’s also nice to see that they’ve covered a different genre of drama each time they’ve been paired up, their first drama, “Kularb Rai Klai Ruk“/ “Love Transforms an Evil Rose” (2011) was filled with so much angst and drama (but was so awesome, I immediately shipped the two together). The second drama “Likit Sanaeha“/”Fated Love Spell” (2011) followed more of a romance/family type of theme, although I have to admit, I was severely disappointed in this one. Their third and present drama is a romance/comedy/family type of drama and although like I mentioned in my favourites post, I have some issues with Matt’s character Lanta’s stubbornness, the cute/ funny scenes more than make up for it all. 

Ruk Tong Oom is basically a drama about how two good friends grow to love each other through raising a child that isn’t theirs. The drama also puts a question to the saying that a mother who has carried her child for 9 months will have a stronger bond with her baby than an adopted mother will have with her adopted child. Matt plays journalist Lanta who finds the baby abandoned behind her car and decides to take the baby in, however because she lives with her strict as hell grandmother (who weirdly reminds me of my own mother in her rules), she decides to take the baby to her good friend Sipta’s (Grate) apartment, being the bachelor pilot he is though, he brings home a girl, clueless to the sight which awaits him in his own bedroom, cue the hilarious antics of Lhan who pretends that she’s his distraught wife, and Sipta says goodbye to his legion of girls because Lhan basically does the same thing every time he tries to pick up anyone. Following a whole bunch of arguing back and forth on what to do with the baby, Sipta finally allows Lhan to keep the baby at his place on the condition that she moves in with him because 1. she is currently unemployed thanks to being accused a home wrecker and 2. the baby is her responsibility because she wants to look after him, so she can’t dump it all on him, and so continues the story of how these two childhood friends show that the bond between adoptive parents is just as strong as the bond of a mother who has carried her baby for 9 months.

As expected the two have awesome chemistry with each other and you can see how at ease they both are, although I’m a fan of both, I don’t enjoy watching them as much alone as I do watching them together (although I am excited to see Matt star with James Ma in the historical drama Ka Badin, which is due to air pretty soon I believe). The pair also have a pretty awesome support group in terms of people who help them look after the baby, first up we have Lhan’s close girlfriend Pat (Jessie Jessica Pasaphan) and Sipta’s close guy friend Kirti (Gosin Ratchkrome) although from where I’m up to (Episode 3) he hasn’t had much interaction with the baby yet. The second pairing whom we’ve got helping them out is Sipta’s new neighbour Paul (Wan Thanakrit) who also happens to own a cafe that our cast of characters (at least the girls) frequent and magazine intern Mink (Toey Jarinporn) who’s kind of like a younger sibling to the two girls. Apart from these six, theres also other story lines happening in the drama, Pat and Lhan’s two faced friend Yah (Due Arisara)who does everything in her power to make sure that Lhan doesn’t get the editor position in their magazine, Sipta and Lhan’s grandmothers who were best friends but have since ceased talking to each other due to a misunderstanding, played by ex leading ladies, Duangjai Hataikarn and Duangta Toongkamanee.

Ruk Tong Oom airs on Fri-Sun at 8:15pm on Thai Tv 3


So far I am enjoying the drama as a whole and the chemistry between the two is amazing, and you can see how comfortable they are around one another, I’m pretty sure with most of the comedy scenes they have where they’re hitting each other it’s like 100% genuine. I also really like the dynamic between the 6 main cluster of people, Kirti’s crush on Lhan might be a bit of an obstacle though, I also really love the pairing of Toey and Wan, especially the scene with Yah, where he doesn’t want to leave her alone with Yah in case she gets bullied. Jason Young and Baitoey are also part of the cast, but from the three episodes I’ve watched they have yet to make an appearance, and even though I know these two will be the main obstacles that the leads have to overcome, I’m kind of hoping that they play a very minimal part in the entire drama. I’m also wondering when exactly they’ll name the baby, cause so far they’re just calling him “little one” in Thai, can we please give him a name?

It’s also interesting that Sipta is also aware of his attraction to Lhan but he doesn’t want to jeopardise their friendship so he keeps it quiet, and kind of watches her romantically from afar. So I’m interested to see whether SHE is actually aware of some deep down love and attraction that she actually has for him. One thing that I’ve said I’m a bit annoyed at is her stubbornness, and generally I have very little patience for these characters because they just make me want to pull my hair out, and tell them how stupid they’re really being cause seriously, you want to look after a child but 1. you’re unemployed, 2. you can’t even look after the baby at your own place and 3. you’ve actually made no effort to try and learn the basic steps of looking after a young human beyond giving him formula and buying nappies, rant over. Not to dissuade anyone from watching the drama, because as I said in the intro, it is basically about how adoptive parents can love a baby as much as their real parents, and as the drama continues we’ll see the trio and probably the other four grow closer as a family for this child, their antics and humour are also a big bonus for me, because whilst I love a good romance, comedy is always what gets me invested in something, comedy and cuteness, which this drama has lots of.


2 thoughts on “Thai Drama – Ruk Tong Oom

  1. Hi there, did you finish RTO in the end? Like you Kularb Rai Klai Ruk got me shipping them hard and I had been waiting for this but the first episode was kinda iffy for me as I didn’t take to Lhan’s character. I’ve dropped RTO since but wonder if it was worth another shot.


    • Hmm to be honest I also dropped it after a few episodes and watched random snippets whenever my mum watched it, she finished it and seemed ok with it? It’s quite a shame that after Kularb Rai Klai Ruk their other drama’s together have been not as engaging, hopefully the upcoming one they’re doing together is good because I really want to be able to enjoy them together as much as I did when they did their first drama.


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