Park Shin Hye confirms Pinocchio

Park Shin Hye (The Heirs, Heartstrings) is set to star as a woman who can’t lie in, in upcoming SBS drama Pinocchio. Shin Hye will play Choi In-Ha who’s a 20 something rookie social affairs journalist who suffers from “pinocchio complex” where she breaks out in hiccups if she lies. However it seems like the production team are going more towards the Disney version of Pinocchio, rather than the correct version of what a “pinocchio complex” is, which is the fear of being laughed at, people who suffer from this disorder (Gelotophobia) will display awkward and wooden movements when they believe they are being laughed at.

Lee Jong Suk (Dr Stranger, I Hear Your Voice) is still considering the lead role of Choi Dal Po, who is a smart and witty reporter, however we will probably receive news on whether he accepts or declines the role  in the coming days, and if he says yes, then we will see a “I Hear Your Voice” reunion between lead actor and production team which should be pretty interesting, considering how well their last collaboration went.

The storyline is pretty nice and it’ll be interesting to see how Choi In Ha’s syndrome affects her life, especially if she goes out on a case where she needs to lie in order to protect herself OR if she has to deny liking someone, maybe Choi Dal Po will have some of Soo Ha’s telepathic powers as well. Hopefully the drama does well, considering the production team and lead actors are all pretty good, not to mention Park Shin Hye needs something to boost her back up after all the hate she got from The Heirs, and Lee Jong Suk needs to distance himself from the mess that called itself  Dr Stranger. I’m also getting “You’re All Surrounded” rookie type vibes but in a journalist feel, and I fairly enjoyed that drama, so hopefully this drama will be just as enjoyable.

Pinocchio will air on Weds – Thurs sometime in November following “My Lovely Girl” starring Rain and F(x)’s Krystal.

Source MBN


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