New Dramas for Weds – Thurs Time Slot

With the ending of KBS’s “Joseon Gunman” and MBC’s “Fated to Love You“, as well as the upcoming finale of SBS’s “It’s Okay, It’s Love“, it’s time to look at the dramas that will be replacing their Weds – Thurs time slot.

First up is KBS’s new drama “Iron Man” which stars Hotel King‘s Lee Dong Wook and When a Man Loves actress Shin Se Kyung. The drama is said to be a fantasy-melodrama (though why Lee Dong Wook would choose another melo after coming out of Hotel King is beyond my understanding) where the male lead, Joo Hong Bin, whom is a cold and bitter man, suddenly develops a supernatural ability wherein knives protrude from his back, due to the pain which he carries in his heart (wait so is this like Wolverine? but not Wolverine? How does someone even suddenly develop the condition where knives poke from his back???). Shin Se Kyung meanwhile plays Song Hae Kyo who’s described as a warm and loving but meddlesome woman, and will help our hero rediscover his heart. Iron Man premiers this Wednesday the 10th on KBS and is currently scheduled for 20 episodes.

MBC’s “My Spring Day” follows “Fated to Love You” and stars Kim Woo Sung of film “King and the Clown” fame and Girls Generation’s Sooyoung. My Spring Day, like Iron Man also follows the melodrama  genre but mixed with medical, the drama follows the story of Lee Bom Yi (Sooyoung)who one day gets a new chance at life after she receives a heart transplant after being a terminally ill patient for so long. Kim Sung Woo plays Kang Dong Ha, a widower who is a father of two and gets a second chance at love with Bom Yi, however unbeknownst to the two of them, Dong Ha’s deceased wife was actually Bom Yi’s donor. My Spring Day also premieres this Wednesday on MBC and is scheduled for 16 episodes.

SBS drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” airs its final episodes in the coming week and will be replaced by “My Lovely Girl“, which marks singer Rain’s return to the small screen after completing his military duties last July and also co-stars F(x)’s Krystal. My Lovely Girl will feature the music world as its backdrop which should be comfortable ground for both leads, the drama will follow two lost souls who find love again in each other. Hyun Wook (Rain)  is the producer, composer and CEO of an entertainment agency who appears cold but is kind hearted on the inside, Hyun Wook however loses his girlfriend in a tragic accident, his deceased girlfriends sister Se Na (Krystal) moves to Seoul to pursue her songwriting career and there she meets Hyun Wook who helps her find her dreams and in the midst of music the two fall in love. My Lovely Girl will air its first episode on the 17th of September on SBS following the finale of It’s Okay, It’s Love, the drama is scheduled for 16 episodes.

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