‘Pinocchio’ gets its male lead in Lee Jong Suk

SBS upcoming drama “Pinocchio” finally secures its male lead, Lee Jong Suk will be working once again with the team behind “I Hear Your Voice” which was highly popular when it was airing, and earned both Lee Jong Suk and his co-star Lee Bo Young numerous awards, hopefully “Pinocchio” will do just as well. Jong Suk will star as reporter Choi Dal Po alongside Park Shin Hye who confirmed her participation at the beginning of the month. 

Apart from Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, the cast also includes, “Gu Family Book” star Lee Yoo Bi and Kim Young Kwang from “Good Doctor“. Although the role was initially offered to Kim Woo Bin, a production representative has stated in the past that the roles of Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha were both written with Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk in mind.

Speaking of Lee Jong Suk’s real life bff; Kim Woo Bin recently surprised Lee Jong Suk with a birthday cake during Jong Suk’s fan meeting in Seoul. The pair admitted that due to their individual schedules they haven’t been able to meet up all that often, which made this appearance even more memorable for them, Kim Woo Bin even fed his bff some cake, and Lee Jong Suk also shed a few tears at the surprise appearance (check out the pics below).

Pinocchio is set to air after Rain and Krystal’s drama “My Lovely Girl” in the Weds – Thurs time slot on SBS.


Source BNT. Images credited as tagged.



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