Ailee to comeback with ‘Magazine’

K-pop vocalist Ailee, will make her much anticipated comeback on the 25th of September with her third mini album titled “Magazine”. Ailee has not released any official music (besides participating in drama OST’s) since early January of this year when she released her song “Singing Got Better”, representatives from her agency YMC have stated that the title track of “Magazine” is titled, “Don’t Touch” which will be a “Brit-pop style rock song” and that the mini album will feature a variety of genres and styles that will showcase Ailee’s vocal talent. A showcase for her third mini album will be held in Cheongdam-dong in the Ilchi Art Hall on the 25th. 

So far three different sets of teaser images have been revealed, each one different to the next. The first set of released images features her dressed as a mime, with white powdered face, heart painted lips and large eyes. The second set is a completely different look altogether, but seems to follow the circus type theme with a now short haired Ailee standing on the ringmasters podium, however she features a fiercer and sexier look. The third and most recent set of stills features a now long haired Ailee in a more casual and softer look, in lace white dress against a navy backdrop and perhaps the most real look; Ailee dressed in casual clothes against everyday locations.

I have to say that I’m a mad fan of her and her awesome vocals, and that it’s nice to see that she has bounced back with a brand new look after her scandal.

Source Naver

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