High School: Love On – Episode 4 Recap

Romance begins to stir the air as both of our leads experience the first pangs of jealously and I experience the first angst signs for second lead shipping…yay second lead shipping!! I sense I’ll be a blubbering ball by the time this drama hits its finale, but in the meantime I’m enjoying the cuteness of the drama as a whole, and totally wish I was Seul Bi, who doesn’t want two of the cutest guys in school saving you?

A whole bunch of cuteness occurs between Seul Bi and Woo Hyun in the first 10 minutes of the episode, from him once again piggy backing her home (because she’s once again collapsed from using her powers) and placing her in his bed and telling her not to be sick, to the two taking adorable selcas together with the phone that he’s bought for her.

The next day at school Seul Bi discovers that Woo Hyun has put himself as her #1 – #10 on her speed dial, she speeds over to Sung Yeol when she sees him so that she can get his number as well and Woo Hyun mutters to himself that he can’t believe she’s getting other guys numbers with the phone HE bought her. Ki Soo wanders over to him and asks him what he’s grumbling about, but gets distracted when he sees Seul Bi with her new phone. He tells her to put him as her number one speed-dial but she tells him that #1 is taken and he’s #14 on her speed-dial, the four head off to class but encounter a bit of an accident with Sung Yeol’s step mother who spots her two boys next to each other.

The class break for lunch and Woo Hyun checks with Ki Soo that the soup he’s having is really anchovy because it tastes funny to him, Seul Bi spots Sung Yeol and calls him over to their table to sit with them. Both Woo Hyun and his mother wind up in hospital because they both suffer from an allergy to shellfish, Seul Bi tells Granny when she arrives to pick up Woo Hyun that one of their teachers had to be brought to hospital as well, Granny’s light bulb goes off but Ji Hye escapes before she can be seen.

Woo Hyun and Seul Bi are up on the roof and Seul Bi asks him if there’s anything else he’s allergic to, so that she can eat it all for him. She tells him not to get sick again because being ill seems like it’s not fun. She asks him what number she is on his speed dial but Woo Hyun refuses to tell her, and we find out that she’s listed at #1 for him (awwwwwwww he’s totally in love). The next day at school Seul Bi tries to cheat the vending machine by pressing two buttons at the same time, but as we all know that doesn’t ever work and she ends up with only one drink much to the amusement of Woo Hyun. She struggles to open her can of soda so Woo Hyun opens his and gives it to her, she tells him that he can be a gentleman sometimes but then tells him that if only his marks were as good as his manners. Woo Hyun tells her that if he were smart as well, girls wouldn’t leave him alone at all, Seul Bi cheekily muses, “no wonder girls don’t leave Sung Yeol alone”. Ye Na who’s been hiding around the corner with Young Eun wonders if they’re really both cousins when she’s openly flirting with Woo Hyun.

Sung Yeol gets his fingers slammed by Jae Suk because he helped out Seul Bi earlier by placing some money in to Jae Suk’s pocket so that he wouldn’t steal Seul Bi’s. Jae Suk asks him if Sung Yeol still thinks he’s that loser from back then, Sung Yeol replies that he’s much worse than he used to be and that at least before Jae Suk was worth helping. Woo Hyun catches up with Sung Yeol in the bathroom to ask what the deal is between him and Jae Suk because Jae Suk never abuses Sung Yeol. He then continues to tell Sung Yeol to leave Seul Bi alone because he’ll take care of her himself, to which Sung Yeol replies that he’s not doing a very good job of taking care of her.

Woo Hyun and Seul Bi are back at home studying for an upcoming exam, but Seul Bi seems to be the only one doing any learning because Woo Hyun is too busy blowing bubbles with his gum much to the fascination of Seul Bi who requests that he teach her how to do what he’s doing. She’s a pretty crap student because she gives up after a few times and complains that her jaw hurts.

Woo Hyun comes downstairs to the restaurant the next day, only to be shocked by a scary looking Seul Bi who is in tears cause of the onions she’s cutting. Seul Bi and Woo Hyun head to class where they meet Jae Suk bullying one of the students who obtained the answers to the test. The two enter the classroom only to see their fellow students coming up with different methods to cheat during the exam. As the exam continues Ji Hye catches Jae Suk cheating and he implicates Sung Yeol who doesn’t say anything to defend himself when Ji Hye turns on him. Seul Bi, Ki Soo and Woo Hyun all agree that Sung Yeol would never cheat or help out Jae Suk; Woo Hyun suddenly remembers that he saw Jae Suk acting sketchy and runs back to school.

Back with Sung Yeol, Ji Hye asks him why he would do something like this, Sung Yeol tells her that this is when mothers normally go, “you didn’t do it did you”. Woo Hyun runs in to Ji Hye and tells her that it wasn’t Sung Yeol who helped out Jae Suk and there is also no reason why Sung Yeol would help out Jae Suk. Woo Hyun leaves to go home but spots Jae Suk getting berated by some rich looking old dude so he chooses to hide out of Jae Suk’s sight, however Jae Suk spots his sneakers.

Seul Bi sends Sung Yeol some text messages telling him to come to the restaurant and is pleased when she sees him because she was worried about him; hearing that she was worried also pleases Sung Yeol. She tells him not to worry too much and that she knows he didn’t help Jae Suk cheat because, Sung Yeol is the kind of person who lends her an umbrella, eats with her when she’s hungry and makes her smile when she’s in a bad mood (AWWWWWWWWWW). She tells him that she believes in him and so does Woo Hyun (speaking of Woo Hyun where is he?).

Turns out Woo Hyun was hustled by Jae Suk and is now being beat up, when his phone suddenly rings, Jae Suk being the awesome person he is answers the call from Seul Bi and tells her that he’s hanging out with Woo Hyun at the park and she should come join them because things are about to get interesting. Seul Bi and Sung Yeol race out to save Woo Hyun, who’s about to get run over by Jae Suk on a motorbike.


I’m going to say this in probably all my recaps for this show, but why do you have to make me second lead ship KBS?? Like what’s so wrong with making a character like Sung Yeol the main lead so I can just ship the two leads together, instead of going through impending angst when the second lead doesn’t get the girl. The trio however have great chemistry with each other and I can’t wait until the bromance develops a bit more.

Ji Hye’s actions confuse me a lot because on one hand she seems to be semi pining for her abandoned son Woo Hyun, but then she’s also a bitch to the son that she does have. As someone who lives with Sung Yeol shouldn’t she know what he’s like better? Even if he is a jerk to her, she would know what kind of kid his dad would have raised him up to be. Jae Suk and Sung Yeol also seem to have a bit of a weird relationship because from what they’ve both said Sung Yeol saved his life once, so it’ll be good to see why he had to save Jae Suk’s life. Speaking of Jae Suk, from what his father was saying, he may not actually be the rich guys son, so illegitimate heir or son of a mistress?

Woo Hyun and Seul Bi continue to build up their relationship and this episode both of them inquire about the others relationship status with a specific person (Sung Yeol/Seul Bi and Woo Hyun/Ye Na). I think Woo Hyun starts being a bit more upfront about his feelings for her in upcoming episodes, so I can’t wait to see how she reacts and how Sung Yeol will react as well. So sue me, I’m a hard-core second lead shipper, it’s not my fault that his character is so gorgeous.

Granny is also hiding a massive secret from both Seul Bi and Woo Hyun, and I really do not want to know how both of them will cope if something were to happen to her.


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