High School: Love On – Episode 5 Recap

Although the drama lacks a lot of main character growth, save Seul Bi, I still find it pretty fun to watch. Ye Na makes a confession which causes Woo Hyun to make a decision, Seul Bi wishes that Woo Hyun hadn’t said they were cousins and Sung Yeol tries to make Seul Bi feel better. Jae Suk meanwhile doesn’t seem to be having a good day and Ji Hye makes a visit to Granny that doesn’t end really well.

We start the episode off with Seul Bi and Sung Yeol running off to save Woo Hyun, when they get there Seul Bi uses her depleting powers to shut down the motorcycle that Jae Suk is riding, she promptly collapses in to Sung Yeol’s arms right after. The two boys engage in a fight with Jae Suk and his friends when they mysterious fallen angel dude comes running in to distract Jae Suk and his group and gestures at Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun to leave. The two boys wake up Seul Bi and ask her in unison if she’s alright, her only reply is to smile and say that she’s hungry.

The trio head back home through the park and Seul Bi tells Woo Hyun that Granny will be mad if she see’s he’s been in a fight, his only reply is that guys mature through fighting and Sung Yeol tells him that he’s pretty sure HE became mature without fighting. The two continue to bicker back and forth and Seul Bi grabs both of their hands and brings them together causing both of the boys to jerk in surprise and ask her what she’s doing, she tells them that in the dramas bromance’s happen through actions not words. Woo Hyun calls her a pervert and looks at Sung Yeol and tells him they should leave because he can’t walk with someone like Seul Bi, the two boys leave her behind and she runs after her boys and links arms with them saying that they should all go together.

Back at the restaurant Seul Bi is putting some ointment on Woo Hyun’s cut when he asks her if she’s sick because she always seems to faint in Sung Yeol’s arms (jealousy thy name is Woo Hyun). Seul Bi wonders if maybe the reason why she always faints in Sung Yeol’s arms is because they’re meant to be, Woo Hyun is not happy with that reply and tells her its just a coincidence. He does some research during the night for reasons why people might faint often and discovers that kiwi and dates can help to combat frequent fainting. The next day Granny and Seul Bi wake up to a kiwi filled breakfast that Woo Hyun has whipped up; kiwi juice, sandwiches, salad etc. Seul Bi holds up her glass of juice and wonders if he poisoned it or something because the nice kids in dramas always get given dodgy things to consume, Woo Hyun tells her that, that’s something only nice kids need to worry about and there’s nothing wrong with her juice.

The next day at school the teachers have a meeting to decide the fate of Jae Suk, some school politics happens, and Jae Suk only gets some hours doing school clean up because his father is a big donor to the school. Their homeroom teacher Kwang Shik notices that Woo Hyun, Jae Suk and his two friends are all injured and the boys all tell him that they fell, later he’s seen sitting down with Jae Suk, he tells him that he hopes that Jae Suk can self reflect on what he’s done. Jae Suk’s only reply is that he heard that his father is investing money to fix the gym floor, his teacher asks Jae Suk if he is giving up his conscience for a gym floor, because both Jae Suk’s conscience and the gym floor are being stepped on. As Jae Suk walks away Kwang Shik tells him that he believes in him, but his words fall on deaf ears and Jae Suk continues walking away.

Man Jae Suk is not having a very good day, first he has the talk with his teacher then his lady love Da Yool tells him to get out of her way and then Ye Na and her friend threaten Jae Suk by threatening Da Yool and finally Seul Bi comes up to him and hands him a band aid because she thinks that whether you’re a good kid of a bad kid getting hurt is all the same. Seul Bi and Woo Hyun get left with their teams work during a group project, Seul Bi draws a line over the table and tells Woo Hyun not to cross it, he ends up throwing his pencil and eraser to her side and wondering aloud when his stationary grew legs. Sung Yeol’s father and step mother are at the dentists because Woo Jin seems to have a tooth problem turns about the cop is scared of the dentist, later the two have coffee and Ji Hye tells him to have fun. Woo Jin ends up having to handcuff Sung Yeol so he doesn’t run off, much to Sung Yeol’s confusion (oh man his confused expression is so cute though!!). We next see the father/son duo having some ramen, with a bit of difficulty considering they’re still handcuffed but Woo Jin says he likes it since he can be close to his son (awwwwww, we need more father/son duo times).

Ye Ne goes to visit Woo Hyun so that she can help make his wounds better, Woo Hyun meanwhile is cleaning up the kitchen with Seul Bi who’s making porridge for Granny. Woo Hyun pulls out an apron and slips it over her head, and then hugs around her to tie the back, he realises the position that they’re in and turns her around. Woo Hyun asks her if she’s forgotten that they’re cousins and Seul Bi wonders why he had to make it confusing by lying that they were related, the door to the restaurant suddenly slides shut and the two look up. Turns out Ye Na has heard the whole thing as is heartbroken, Seul Bi finds her sitting on the steps of the restaurant and the two go and have a chat in the park where Ye Na basically tells Seul Bi that she can’t live without Woo Hyun and asks her if Seul Bi can still breath without Woo Hyun, which basically causes Seul Bi to enter an extreme state of confusion where she questions why her heart beats when Woo Hyun is near.

The next day at school Seul Bi does her best to ignore Woo Hyun during gym and Ki Soo wonders if the two had a couples fight. Seul Bi suddenly drops the basket of volleyballs that she’s been carrying and Woo Hyun gets up to help her, but knocks in to Ye Na instead who sprains her ankle, he takes her to the nurses office whilst a forlorn Seul Bi looks on. Help arrives in the form of Sung Yeol as he picks up the basket she’d dropped earlier, Ye Na and Woo Hyun are waiting for the chatty nurse to arrive and she discloses that her mum is a bit pushy and seems to be living her dreams through Ye Na by getting her to do every sport on the planet because she can’t get in to college for her smarts or lack thereof, so she needs to get a sports scholarship.

Meanwhile Sung Yeol asks Seul Bi if she wants some ice cream since it’s hot and she tells him that she’ll shout him, if he goes with her somewhere. That “somewhere” turns out to be a beauty store where she tries on some lipstick and even manages to put some gloss on Sung Yeol’s lips (seriously a guy willing to let you put lip-gloss on them is a keeper Seul Bi). Ji Hye meanwhile visits Granny and tells her to transfer Woo Hyun somewhere else whilst giving her a money envelope, things don’t go down well with Granny.

Sung Yeol ends up getting free ice-cream from the weird human angel dude (they really need to give him a name), Seul Bi thanks Sung Yeol and calls him a “good male human” and then accidentally gets ice-cream on his shirt, he tells her not to worry and goes to clean his shirt. Seul Bi’s reaper sunbae suddenly appears and remarks that she’s finally alone, she thanks him for getting the necklace for her and then confides that she thinks her powers are slowly disappearing. Reaper sunbae says that humans are unlucky because they can’t fight pain and sickness and don’t live forever, he asks her if she wants to disappear like the ice cream that’s melting in her hands. He advises her not to grow feelings for any humans and that he’s looking for a way back for her.

Woo Hyun catches up with Sung Yeol and Seul Bi and asks Sung Yeol if he’s recently moved in to the area or something because he keeps seeing his face, the trio come to a standstill on the corner when they see their teacher walking out of Granny’s restaurant. Ki Soo rushes in to the restaurant afterwards after being threatened by Young Eun and asks Woo Hyun to go bike riding with him tomorrow, but Woo Hyun just says it’s too hot and continues eating. Seul Bi pipes up that bike riding seems fun and asks Ki Soo if she can come as well, that piques Woo Hyun’s interest again and he tells Ki Soo they should all go together. An excited Seul Bi turns to Sung Yeol and invites him along whilst Woo Hyun tries to prevent his participation, Sung Yeol swiftly agrees to join them tomorrow (lol Ki Soo is right, that was such a mess).

Later that night we see that Granny is not as healthy as she keeps claiming and she’s throwing up in the bathroom (man it’s going to hurt if Woo Hyun gets left alone. The next day the group head out to go bike riding and Ki Soo is nearly killed by Young Eun who asks what the hell Seul Bi and Sung Yeol are doing with them. Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol both get on bikes when Ye Na pulls Seul Bi away and tells her that she’s going to confess to Woo Hyun today so she wants Seul Bi to help her by staying away from Woo Hyun. Woo Hyun calls over to Seul Bi to ride with him, but Ye Na walks towards him and asks if she can hitch a ride because her ankle is still in a bit of pain. Seul Bi looks torn as Woo Hyun looks over to her but eventually turns away when Ye Na also turns to look at her, Seul Bi’s knight in shining plaid Sung Yeol meanwhile rides over and asks if she wants to go together with him (oh Sung Yeol, bless your kind heart).

The group all head out to the bike pathway and Ye Na makes her confession to Woo Hyun and tells him that he doesn’t answer her back but she just wanted to let him know how she felt. Woo Hyun meanwhile looks off in to the distance where Sung Yeol and Seul Bi are and tells Ye Na that he can answer her now and his answer is “no”. With a determined look on his face he leaves a heartbroken Ye Na behind and barely avoids colliding with Sung Yeol and Seul Bi’s bike, however the near accident doesn’t seem to faze him and he tugs Seul Bi off the bike and tells her to come to his side.


I’ve said this so many times, but what is the deal with Ji Hye, she’s clearly moved on with her life so why is she trying to ruin the happiness that Woo Hyun has found? Her position in Woo Hyun’s life is also pretty hot and cold, because she goes from crying and apologising to him to being a frigid biatch, Granny was totally right to throw that water in to her face. Even though you dumped your kid, you have to at least have the motherly love NOT to say something like, “it’s for the best if he leaves” or “I have a new life now” in front of the person who picked up the slack and raised up your kid for you.

Moving on to Ye Na, I do feel a bit sorry for her, and you learn a bit more about her in this episode and the pressure that her mother puts on her. Her mum didn’t even acknowledge when she was crying her eyes out and telling her that she was tired, she just went right on and said her coach was waiting for her…like wtf??? I also wonder how long Granny is going to hide how severe her sickness is from Woo Hyun and Seul Bi, is she planning on informing them how sick she is once she’s on her last leg? Man poor Woo Hyun though, he’s going to be so devastated because she has been a father/mother/grandmother to him all in one, so it’s going to tilt his world if something were to happen to her.

Sung Yeol was again totally perfect in this ep, he stepped in to help Seul Bi when he saw her looking sad in the gym, he asked her out for ice-cream when he saw she was still distracted, he rode over to her when Woo Hyun had to give in to Ye Na, hell he even had LIPGLOSS put on him. Seriously Seul Bi just ditch Woo Hyun and go with Sung Yeol, better yet, someone invent some type of technology where I can just reach my hand in to my screen and pull out my own life size one. I’ll gladly take him off your hands for you Seul Bi. Speaking of Seul Bi I think that she’s now torn between wanting to return to her real form and staying in our world and I hope that when the time comes she’ll be able to make a choice. From the ending of the ep and the preview of the next ep Woo Hyun also seems to have made a choice.


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