Pride and Prejudice drops first teaser

MBC’s upcoming Mon-Tues drama “Pride and Prejudice” which stars Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee has dropped its first teaser, which sets the drama as a kind of quirky romance, instead of a drama set in prosecutor field which you would expect to be a bit more full on and intense. 

Choi Jin Hyuk stars as Koo Dong Chi an ace prosecutor and Baek Jin Hee plays Han Yeol Moo a junior prosecutor that is placed in his team. Although the title of the drama suggests that this is just a Korean remake of the popular Jane Austen novel of the same name, MBC’s Pride and Prejudice actually takes place in the legal world where the characters are prideful and full of prejudice against the opposition. Dong Chi is also supposed to be a super whiz prosecutor due to the fact that he passed the bar exam at the age of 21, while Yeol Moo initially started off as a cop but switched to studying law her character is also known for her detective skills and her search for the truth.

The teaser shows us two different time frames of the lead characters, one when they first meet and another when they meet again but this time as superior and junior prosecutor. Choi Jin Hyuk also seems to be taking on a bunch of roles this year after he hit it big with Gu Family Book last year. Since his rising popularity in Gu Family Book he’s taken on five other dramas so far with this one being the fifth and probably the final drama before he enlists in the army for the next two years. The only complaint I would have about his current roles is the hair, for the love of god people, style it, do something with it, cause it’s basically a flat bowl and it’s not that hot especially when we know what he’s hiding beneath those work shirts.

Pride and Prejudice is set to air on the 27th of October after Jung Il Woo’s “Night Watchman’s Journal” on MBC.

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