Dr Frost releases first teaser

OCN’s upcoming interpretation of popular Webtoon “Dr Frost” has released its first teaser trailer and boy does it look interesting.

Based on Lee Jong Bum’s webtoon of the same name, Dr Frost stars Song Chang Eui (Thrice Married Woman) as the lead character Baek Nam Bong. Nam Bong is a thirty something psychology professor by day and a bartender by night, however due to an injury to his frontal lobe during his childhood he is unable to feel normal emotions such as love or empathy. He does however have genius level smarts and the ability to discern peoples facial expression and body language (so I guess he’s kind of like that guy in the US show Lie to Me, who was also a genius psychologist who focused on body language and micro-expression to help solve cases).

The teaser is only about 30 seconds long and focuses on our title character Dr Frost (who gets his nickname from his prematurely white hair). The teaser shows Frost picking out the culprit to a case in a line up of four people based on the culprit’s minute facial expression, much to the surprise of this two other colleagues.

Dr Frost also stars Jung Eun Chae (The Fatal Encounter) as Yoon Sung Ah a graduate who becomes Nam Bong’s teaching assistant and Lee Yoon Ji (King 2 Hearts) as Nam Bong’s colleague whom he has a love hate relationship with, Song Sun. Alongside these two ladies is Sung Ji Roo (You’re All Surrounded) who plays veteran Detective Nam Tae Bong whom enlists Nam Bong’s help with certain cases and Chung Jung Woo (My Secret Hotel) as Nam Bong’s mentor and head of department Chun Sang Won.

Dr Frost follows Reset and will air on OCN on the 2nd of November.


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