Nominees Announced for the APAN Star Awards 2014

It’s awards season again, the time of year when top stars trot out to accept recognition for their work in TV/film/entertainment and impress (or shock) us all with their red carpet fashion choices. The list of nominations have been released for the APAN Star Awards 2014, which covers all dramas that aired on the Big 3 channels (SBS, MBC, KBS) as well as cable networks from October 1st, 2013 to September 31st, 2014. Along with the nominee roster is confirmation of the special guest performers who will grace the event, which includes Chen of EXO, Ailee, Red Velvet, T-ara and Dae Guk Nam Ah.

The APAN Star Awards is part of the Daejeon Drama Festival and a relatively new event – this year will mark the third time the awards have been held. This year’s ceremony will take place on November 15th (5:00-10:00 PM KST) at the Hall of Jeongsimhwa International Cultural Center, Chungnam National University in Daejeon. Despite its fairly new status, it’s an interesting way to see which dramas and its actors stood out most across the board (the network-hosted award shows every year are really an excuse for broadcasters to give everyone who gave them ratings a pat on the back).

With that said, the nominees this year are fairly obvious on the whole (in particular, Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun being nominated for You Who Came From the Stars and Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin for It’s Okay, It’s Love in the Top Excellence Actor/Actress categories), though not without its fair share of head-scratchers (like Kang So Ra and Jin Se Yeon both being nominated for Excellence Actress for Doctor Stranger – why that drama is even included on an awards list is beyond me). There’s also the Daesang to consider – last year’s Daesang was taken home by Song Hye Kyo for That Winter, The Wind Blows. I’d say it’ll come down to either Stars or It’s Okay, It’s Love for the big winners, but we won’t know until November 15th – in the meantime, what are everyone’s choices for each category?


Actor Top Excellence / Best Leading Actor Award Nominees

– Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars)
– Yoo Ah In (Secret Love Affair)
– Lee Min Ho (Heirs)
– Jang Hyuk (Fated to Love You)
– Jo In Sung (It’s Okay, It’s Love)

Actress Top Excellence / Best Leading Actress Award Nominees

– Gong Hyo Jin (It’s Okay, It’s Love)
– Kim Hee Ae (Secret Love Affair)
– Song Yoon Ah (Mama)
– Jang Nara (Fated to Love You)
– Jeon Ji Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars)

Excellence Actor Award Nominees

– Kim Woo Bin (Heirs)
– Park Yoochun (Three Days)
– Park Hae Jin (You Who Came From the Stars)
– Jung Woo (Answer Me 1994)
– Ji Sung (Secret)

Excellence Actress Award Nominees

– Kang So Ra (Doctor Stranger)
– Go Ara (Answer Me 1994)
– Moon Jung Hee (Mama)
– Park Shin Hye (Heirs)
– Jin Se Yeon (Doctor Stranger)


Actor Top Excellence / Best Leading Actor Award Nominees

– Yoo Dong Geun (What’s With This Family)
– Lee Dong Wook (Hotel King)
– Lee Seo Jin (Wonderful Season)
– Jo Jae Hyun (Jeong Do Jeon)
– Joo Jin Mo (Empress Ki)

Actress Top Excellence / Best Leading Actor Award Nominees

– Kim Hee Sun (Wonderful Season)
– Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bo Ri is Here)
– Lee Ji Ah (Thrice-Married Woman)
– Jang Seo Hee (Cuckoo’s Nest)
– Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)

Excellence Actor Award Nominees

– Kim Sang Kyung (What’s With This Family)
– Kim Ji Hoon (Jang Bo Ri is Here)
– Park Young Kyu (Jeong Do Jeon)
– Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki)
– Taecyeon (Wonderful Season)

Excellence Actress Award Nominees

– Kim Ok Bin (Yoona’s Street)
– Kim Ji Young (Everybody, Kimchi)
– Kim Hyun Joo (What’s With This Family)
– Seo Hyun Jin (King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang)
– Oh Yeon Seo (Jang Bo Ri is Here)


Best Supporting Actor Award Nominees

– Kim Chang Wan (You Who Came From the Stars)
– Ryu Seung Soo (Wonderful Season)
– Park Hyuk Kwon (Secret Love Affair)
– Sung Dong Il (Answer Me 1994)
– Shin Sung Rok (You Who Came from the Stars)

Best Supporting Actress Award Nominees

– Kim Ji Ho (Wonderful Season)
– Kim Hye Eun (Secret Love Affair)
– Baek Jin Hee (Empress Ki)
– Song Ok Sook (Only Love)
– Yoon Ah Jung (Temptation)

Best New Actor Award Nominees

– Do Kyung Soo (It’s Okay, It’s Love)
– Baro (God’s Gift – 14 Days)
– Park Hyung Shik (What’s With This Family)
– Son Ho Joon (Answer Me 1994)
– Ahn Jae Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars)

Best New Actress Award Nominees

– Kyung Soo Jin (Plus Nine Boys)
– Kim Seul Gi (Discovery of Love)
– Nam Bo Ra (Only Love)
– Dasom (Melody of Love)
– Dohee (Answer Me 1994)

It’s probably no secret that Jeon Ji Hyun is the clear favourite to take home the Mini-series Top Excellence Actress award and either Jo In Sung or Kim Soo Hyun for the Top Excellence Actor award. There’s still the Daesang, though – my heart says Jo In Sung, but Jeon Ji Hyun might give him a tough fight. In the event that it goes to Jeon Ji Hyun, it’ll leave the way clear for Gong Hyo Jin to snag a Top Excellence Actress win.

The Excellence Actor award section is pretty crowded, but I think it comes down to Jung Woo or Park Hae Jin (sorry, Kim Woo Bin, I still love you, but Heirs…). Go Ara looks the obvious choice for Excellence Actress – it’s too bad Kang So Ra couldn’t be nominated for Misaeng rather than Doctor Stranger, which isn’t the ideal drama to go down on one’s CV. I have a soft spot for the breezy Wonderful Season and would like to see Kim Hee Sun in particular taking home an award, but it’ll likely be Lee Seo Jin for the Top Excellence Actor and then the Empress Ki cast for the rest (can you see Ha Ji Won not winning this one unless she’s a no-show?). The stand-out name on the list for the Best New Actor award has to be Do Kyung Soo (D.O of EXO), who made an epic debut as Han Kang Woo in It’s Okay, It’s Love, though I wouldn’t rule out Park Hyung Shik (and Ahn Jae Hyun if there are some judges still suffering from Stars fever).

There are some particularly eyebrow-raising oversights on the list of nominations, however – Lee Jun Ki (Joseon Gunman) is absent, as is Jo Seung Woo (God’s Gift – 14 Days) and the entire cast of Triangle has been ignored as well (nooo, Jaejoong, nooo).

The list of stars who have been invited as special guest performers at the APAN Star Awards ceremony include EXO’s Chen (fingers crossed he’ll perform his It’s Okay, It’s Love OST track “Best Luck” at the event), Ailee, T-ara, Red Velvet and Dae Guk Nam Ah. The event will be MCed by Kim Sung Joo and Soyeon of T-ara.

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2 thoughts on “Nominees Announced for the APAN Star Awards 2014

  1. I’m really hoping Gong Hyo Jin wins something because she was excellent in her drama. And Jo in sung as well. It’s okay that’s love fighting!


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