‘My Lovely Girl’ Fashion

So this is basically just a compilation post of what some of the characters, namely Krystal, wore during the course of the drama. Krystal’s wardrobe throughout the drama was kept pretty casual and the most dressy she got was in episode 7 when she wore the LBD and heels, for the majority of the drama however Se Na was in coats and knitted cardigans, with some skirts and jeans paired with either sneakers or wedged loafers. Hae Yoon on the other hand to go with her assistant president role was dressed in heels, skirts and often long sleeved tops. 

MOST by Lapalette

Bike Repair Shop

Discovery Expedition

Discovery Expedition

Margarin Fingers

Jill By Jill Stuart

MOST by Lapalette

P by Panache

Thursday Island

Margarin Fingers

Tommy Hilfiger

Thursday Island

Coat – Olive Des Olive
Bag – MOST by Lapalette
Scarf – ZARA

Cardigan – Charms
T-shirt Dress – Customellow
Shoes – Harley

Cardigan – Jill by Jill Stuart
Skort – Le Shop
Shoes – Front Row

Coat – Thursday Island
Jeans – Ist Kunst
Shoes – Harley


Coat – Sonia Rykiel


Cardigan – 8 Seconds


Cardigan – Tom Greyhound


Sweater – Bean Pole


Coat – Kai Aakmann

Blouse – Coiincos

Jeans – Thyren

Bag – Lapalette

Sneakers – Keds

Source Style M and Sn@pp

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