Jung Il Woo and JYJ’s Jaejoong in casting talks

Jung Il Woo of recent drama “The Night Watchman Journals” is the latest actor in talks to star as a vampire surgeon in upcoming KBS drama “Blood” whilst JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is being courted for the drama “Spy” which will also air on KBS. 

Vampires seem to be the upcoming trend for 2015, at least with KBS, who are set to air two vampire dramas next year, the first being Blood and the second being an adaptation of popular manwha “The Scholar Who Walks the Night“. Jung Il Woo is the second actor courted for the lead role in Blood, which is about a vampire surgeon who works in a cancer centre, after Reply 1994’s Yoo Yeon Seok turned down the role due to scheduling conflicts. As for The Scholar Who Walks the Night, the last casting mention was KBS were courting Park Hae Jin, however there has been no recent news on casting talks for the manhwa adaptation.

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who is most notably known in the acting world for his role as Jang Dong Chul/Heo Young Dal in MBC’s Triangle is in final talks to play the lead in KBS’s adaptation of the Israeli drama “The Gordin Cell” retitled as “Spy”. The drama will focus on the North-South Korean political conflict, Jaejoong will star in the leading role as Seon Woo, who’s a genius NIS (National Intelligence Service) information analyst. The current rumour of female lead is Night Watchman’s Journal Go Sung Hee who I most notably remember as having ongiri hair in the drama.


Personally I really wish they’d offered the vampire surgeon/scholar role to Jaejoong, because seriously why would you not want THAT (see above images) vampire in your drama? Because honestly Jaejoong already has the sexy vampire look going, all he needs is a script. Maybe once he gets out of the army he can be a time travelling vampire surgeon who studied to be a scholar and masquerades as an idol? Come on people offer him the role he was born to play. However since he WASN’T offered a vampire role, I do think that Jung Il Woo will do nicely as a vampire, a surgeon I’m not too sure of, maybe he should be in talks for Scholar Who Walks the Night instead? Since he looks mighty fine in sageuk garb, as for the rumour of Park Hae Jin playing a vampire I’m still very much on the fence about because his face doesn’t exactly prompt the words “vampire” to appear in my head when I think of him. There may still be hope that Jaejoong will decline Spy due to scheduling conflicts or whatever, mainly I just really don’t want to see him with Go Sung Hee, who’s acting chops are as brilliant to watch as Doctor Strangers Jin Se Yeon and Wonderful Season’s Lee Elijah. PULL OUT JAEJOONG SAVE YOURSELF, YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY ACT NEXT TO SUCH BRILLIANCE, FIND A ROLE THAT YOU’RE MORE SUITED TOO *cough* vampire lead *cough*.

Source Newsen, News1


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