EXO win big at 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards

SM Entertainment super group EXO nabbed a total of four awards from the Mnet Asian Music Awards that were held on the 3rd of December at the Asia World Arena in Hong Kong. The boys won “Best Asian Style”, “Best Male Group”, “Artist of the Year” and “Album of the Year” and whilst the first two were just based on online fan voting, “Artist of the Year” was chosen based on online votes, industry judges as well as sales, “Album of the Year” meanwhile was based off sales as well as a panel of industry judges and a selection committee. 

The boys also attended the press conference prior to the start of the event with leader Suho saying that they hoped they could win another big award like they did last year, he then continued on to say that the boys had prepared a big performance for the night that was a look back on all they had done up till that moment, Suho then ended by saying that they were working hard on their comeback album.

The boys were the second last act of the night before G-Dragon and Taeyang, and performed their single “Black Pearl” off their full length album “XOXO“, this was then followed by a vocal-line rendition of “Tell Me What is Love” which is D.O’s solo song for their concerts, while the other boys changed outfits off stage, lead dancer Kai performed his concert solo “Deep Breath“, EXO ended their performance (titled “The New Age of EXO“) with a remixed version of their 2014 lead song “Overdose” and left the audience with a teaser video of their comeback.

Lead singer Chen was also a special performer during international guest John Legend’s performance surprising the audience and viewers at home when he appeared on stage and sang the opening verses to the song “Green Light“. Chen strutted down the stairs and onto center stage, showcasing his lead singer status with his vocal talents, although the tail end of his performance was somewhat derailed with the appearance of TaeTiSeo’s Tiffany who then proceeded to announce John Legend over the top of Chen’s final lines.

EXO officially announced their comeback during the MAMA’s with the official comeback teaser at the end of their performance stage as well as Suho’s verbal confirmation during the press conference. The forty nine second teaser video is shot entirely in monochrome and features geometrical images with recurring spherical and hexagonal shapes, the hexagon is of course the shape which the EXO logo takes. The release of the teaser has brought about a new excitement in the EXO fandom with many fans, myself included, ready to start a new era with the ten boys and leave the Overdose era behind us. EXO-L’s have already come up with various theories regarding the teaser, from the release date to the symbolism behind the two remaining marbles in the EXO logo at the end of the teaser, fans also noted that the logo has also undergone a slight change and now no longer has an exit. The most popular theory behind the marbles is that the two remaining ones which are now trapped represent ex members Kris and Luhan  both of whom filed lawsuits against the company this year, if you take that in to account with the title of their MAMA’s performance “The New Age of EXO” SM Ent are basically sticking the proverbial middle finger at Luhan and Kris. Another theory behind the two marbles (which I refuse to accept) is that it could symbolise the introduction of two new members, take a look at the teaser below and leave your theories in the comments.


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