Red Carpet “Fashun” and Fashion at the 2014 MAMA’s

The Mnet Asian Music Awards or MAMA’s were held this past Wednesday the 3rd at the AsiaWorld Arena in Hong Kong and was broadcast live through Mnet’s website. Like all award ceremonies there was a red carpet and if I had to compare the fashion at the MAMA’s to a Western awards show, I would say it was on the same level as fashion at the MTV awards. The big winners of the night were EXO who went home with four awards and Taeyang who went home with three. 

If I was forced to pick best dressed of the night I would have to say Infinite and Choi Ji Woo looked the best on the red carpet, the Infinite boys were dressed up in various formal black suits paired with either a tie or a bow tie while Choi Ji Woo was dressed in a full length silver laced dress that complemented her leading lady status. Notable mention goes to EXO who also wore formal black suits but were showing a lot more ankle than Infinite and Girls Day who were dressed in various white outfits. Kang So Ra (Misaeng) wore a H&M lace body con dress in navy which then promptly sold out of stores afterwards, SISTAR and IU both wore white hi-low dresses with bustles at the back that resembled wedding dresses you would see in Las Vegas, the girls of SISTAR pulled off their dresses slightly better than IU, who’s bustle resembled a gauzy waterfall. Yoon Eun Hye (Mirae’s Choice) turned up to the red carpet wearing a black one shoulder dress that would have been pretty nice except it was attached to a black pleather net type thing, the AOA girls meanwhile wore thigh high black boots that was paired with a black latex dress, basically they were dressed like S&M dominatrix’s minus the whip.

As for the guys, Lee Dong Wook’s (Hotel King) pants were a bright tangerine colour that nearly blended in with the carpet, Park Min Woo (Modern Farmer) appeared to be representing Scotland with his tartan outfit and was only missing some bag pipes. It surprised no one when G-Dragon and Taeyang rocked up wearing out-there outfits that consisted of snakeskin shoes and a red and silver jacket for G-Dragon and a military style leather jacket and black paisley shirt for Taeyang. The boys from Winner were dressed relatively tame, except leader Seung Yoon who was rocking a Beetlejuice/Jack Skellington black and white striped coat that appeared a size too big for him. The male group dressed the weirdest on the red carpet were Block B who were dressed in an eclectic mix of pleather and patterned pants paired with turtlenecks and a fur shawl.

Source Tv Daily


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