‘Con Artists’ Red Carpet Premiere

 Scheduled for release on Christmas Eve (December 24th) Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs) and Lee Hyun Woo‘s (Secretly, Greatly) film “Con Artists” or “The Technicians” held its VIP Premiere at the Lotte World Cinema in Jamsil, Seoul. Kim Woo Bin’s ‘The Heirs’ co-stars Kim Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul both showed up to support their ex cast member with Kang Ha Neul walking the red carpet dressed as his Misaeng character Jang Baek Gi, the man from the stars Kim Soo Hyun also turned up to support his Secretly, Greatly co-star Lee Hyun Woo. 

Red carpet wise Girls Day Minah was the best dressed for me wearing an orange coat, ankle grazing skinny jeans, a white knit sweater and ankle boots she was a pop of colour on the red carpet. Knee length winter coats were the main item in common for everyone, CNBlue’s Jonghyun committed a red carpet crime by wearing jeans and Converse and looked more like he was heading into FNC than a VIP red carpet premiere (although Minah also wore jeans, she dressed up her outfit so that it looked like she was going to a party).  Hwang Woo Seul, Kim Hee Jung, Kim Ji Won, Kim So Hyun and Bae Noo Ri all defied the cold weather by baring their legs, although they all looked pretty good, so they didn’t freeze their knees for nothing. Kim Soo Hyun and SHINee’s Minho also rocked up to the premiere wearing sneakers although both looked a bit more formal than Jonghyun, Kim Soo Hyun also appeared to be rocking poodle type perm on the top of his head. “The Technicians” star Kim Woo Bin was dressed in a jacket and pant set in a beige colour that appeared to be made of corduroy material all whilst rocking a floppy middle part (definitely not his best look), his co-star Lee Hyun Woo meanwhile went with the safer option of an all black ensemble with a dark navy denim shirt underneath his jacket and while his pants could have been about 2 inches longer he looked a lot better than Kim Woo Bin. It’s a bit of a shame that Kim Woo Bin’s BFFL Lee Jong Suk couldn’t make it to his buddy’s premiere but I’m sure the two will make time to watch the film together when it comes out.

“Con Artists” revolves around the story of a gang of professional thieves who are hired to steal a large amount of money which is located in a safe in a customs office Incheon, however they only have 40 minuted to perform the heist. Kim Woo Bin plays Ji Hyeok who’s an experienced safecracker that is the leader of the gang, while Lee Hyun Woo plays hacker Jong Bae, Go Chang Seok also co-stars as the job planner in the gang.

Source Osen


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