EXO’s Christmas Gift for Fans

SM Entertainment announced on the 15th of December that EXO’s vocal line (Chen, Baekhyun, D.O) would be releasing a special Christmas gift for fans via SM Ent’s gaming app ‘ Super Star SM Town‘. The news, which was released via SM’s official twitter account stated that a teaser of the song would be released at 12pm KST of the 15th and the full song will be available to play on the 19th and is titled “December, 2014 (The Winters Tale)” . However due to some technical difficulties the teaser was delayed by 9 hours, keeping fans waiting in anticipation for a chance to hear Chen, Baekhyun and D.O again.

The short teaser that was released features the opening verses of the song which are sung by D.O and eventually fades to the sound of Chen’s voice, the vocals are accompanied by SM’s Super Star SM Town pro and EXO rapper Chanyeol playing the song on the app. Vocal line also performed the full version of the song on Music Bank’s end of year special and the full song was released on the 22nd of December along with their first concert album titled “EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost World” which contains their live performances of their Seoul concert.

It has officially been a year since the last EXO Christmas song, with the vocal line trio sweeping the charts with ‘Miracles in December‘ which was still charting during the year, the Miracles in December EP also peaked at #2 on the Billboard World Album Chart when it was first released. The Winter’s Tale continues the sad story that we first heard in Miracles in December where the protagonist (vocal line) sings of a lost love, however this time they sing of a reunion between the two people and how this Christmas even though there is darkness (she) makes it alright because she shines.

EXO are currently doing the last leg of their “The Lost Planet” tour which will officially come to an end on the 24th of December in Osaka, Japan where they will hopefully perform ‘The Winter’s Tale’ or ‘Miracles in December’ although preferably both. Their next Korean appearance will be at the KBS Gayo Daechukje on the 26th of December and the ten boys will spend New Years Eve at the Hunan TV 2014-2015 New Year Countdown on the 31st.


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