Thai Drama – Abb Ruk Online

 Thai TV 3’s newest Weds -Thurs drama “Abb Ruk Online” or “Secret Online Love” stars veteran actress Anne Thongprasom and singer/actor Peter Corp Dyrendal as the main leads, along with Mark Prin Suparat and Kimberly Ann Voltemas as the secondary/main leads. This is the first time that Peter and Anne have worked together and the second time that Anne has worked with Mark and Kim, her production company Thong Entertainment was the same company that produced the 2012 drama remake “Punya Chon Kon Krua” (her company is also producing this drama as well). With four well known leads and a hilarious supporting cast, Abb Ruk Online may be one of the most hilarious dramas of the year. 
 Abb Ruk Online is an adaptation of the popular Thai novel by the same name and follows the story of Awatsaya (Anne) who’s the strict marketing manager of Narapat, a brokerage firm, who falls in love with one of her new younger subordinates Pranon (Mark) but because she is his boss she can’t act out on her feelings and thus creates an online persona called “Khun Abb Ruk” or Miss Secret Love so that she can communicate with Pranon without seeming unprofessional, chaos ensues once her boss Lipda (Peter) and Pranon’s work rival PripPraow (Kim) find out what she is doing. Turns out that Lipda who she’s worked for, for over 5 years is actually secretly in love with her except she only sees him as a playboy and always deflects his flirtations, however he tries to put aside his own feelings as he ends up helping Saya once he finds out that she is Pranon’s secret admirer. Praow on the other hand (who is Pranon’s rival at work) does her best to get closer to Pranon to spite Saya once she finds out that Saya is his secret admirer, because even though Saya tries to hide it at work, it is obvious that she favours Pranon, however Praow’s plan backfires on her once she actually starts to fall in love with him.

The supporting cast include a long list of awesome and comedic actors including; Gubgub Sumonthip (who is much more likeable when playing comedy roles as opposed to the n’rai), Tuk Boriboon, DJ Eak, Top Dareuneenuch, Ae Ahnun Boonark, Ohn Sripahn and Padthai Di Di Di to name a few. Angie Hastings also makes a return to the small screen after many years in the role of Jarawee who is one of Lipda’s oldest friends, M Apinun and Jieb Pokchat  will star as the antagonists in the drama. Although mainly set in Thailand a few episodes were also shot in Munich, Germany, however from social media pictures which I’ve seen, I believe only the Mark/Kim pairing will have scenes from there, which is a shame because Anne/Peter would have looked awesome in Munich (oh and I’ve just realised that 3/4 of the main leads are half European, Peter is part Danish, Anne is part Swedish and Kim is part German).

Abb Ruk Online airs Weds and Thurs on Thai TV 3 at 20:30


I loved the first episode and Anne has been one of my favourite actresses since I was young, so it’s good to see her back on screen even though her most recent drama, “Yah Leum Chun” only came out last year. The casting for this drama is 1000% totally my style and I was totally tickled pink by the banter between Anne and Peter and I will admit that I smiled, swooned and giggled the whole time. I want a Lipda of my own seriously can I have one??? Peter is fast becoming one of my favourite actors despite the fact that this is only the second drama that I’ve seen him in but he always chooses the best roles that I totally love, I adored his character in “Nang Rai Sai Lup” with Margie and you couldn’t even really tell that Margie and Peter are like 16 years apart (he turned 40 on New Years Day) because he’s got such a youthful look, take that Rain and I’m also a fan of Mark and Kim and whilst I do miss seeing photos on Instagram of their outings with their 4HJHKK (4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Kao) co-actors; Nadech, Yaya, Mint, Margie and Boy (seriously the 4 girls had such an awesome friendship and I was always happy when I saw them together) it doesn’t mean that I don’t still enjoy their acting. Pranon and Praow are so completely different, whilst one comes from a warm and loving family the other comes from a family that looks down on her profession because they are all doctors, where one has no experience in the field the other is a Boston university graduate who’s been in the field before and where one is well liked, kind and determined the other is over confident, cocky and not as liked by her colleagues so I’m looking forward to seeing Pranon bring out the softer side of Praow because we all know it’s not going to be the other way around.

Costuming wise everyone especially the girls are all dressed really pretty and their clothing fits the character, although I do wish that Anne wouldn’t wear glasses because it just makes her look socially awkward for some reason. She’s so tiny next to all three of her co-stars though, especially Peter where I’m sure if she wasn’t in heels she would barely reach his chin…lol.

I found Saya’s affection? (I can’t really think of a better word) towards Non a bit irrational, she’s only met the guy once and that was when she was in an accident and he helped her, no words were even exchanged and yet one year later when they finally meet she’s acting like a teenager towards a younger guy. Helping him out at work, fantasising about romantic happenings and creating an online persona so that she can be his shoulder to lean on, I found it a tad creepy and a bit far fetched. She’s a 30 year old woman who’s acting like a 13 year old girl who’s got her first crush, and in the second episode Lipda brings up a valid point when Non loses an important client document and says that if Non can’t find the document by 1pm he’s fired, he asks Saya (who thinks Lipda is being too harsh on Non) “if this was any other person other than Non who lost VIP client info would you still say it’s only a small matter?”, Saya of course denies all his allegations that she likes Non and walks out.

Overall I enjoyed the first two episodes and as I said I’m a fan of everyone in the cast, the banter/one sided flirtation/exasperation between Saya and Lipda is awesome and I would watch endless episodes of that because it makes me giggle and smile like a kid (I hope that Peter will get to do a rom-com with Matt Peeranee soon because I can see them being hilarious). The entire staff at that workplace are also awesome and whilst they may complain about Saya there isn’t any open antagonism, as per every Thai drama formula (seriously I’ve been watching these things for a long time and there hasn’t been one so far that hasn’t had these people) there will be a woman who comes in between our leads and a bad guy who’s either out to steal something from one of them or just generally wishes them ill-will from jealousy. What I’m also looking forward to is seeing Jarawee interact with Saya because they do know each other but I want to see her help her friend get the girl and honestly if you were anyone else watching them interact you’d think they were a married couple.


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