EXO teases new MCM line

Luxury leather brand MCM released a teaser on their official EXO x MCM website and Instagram account teasing fans with a brief sneak peek of their upcoming winter line. The 12 second snippet features the boys looking fresh and youthful dressed in various white shirts and jackets whilst staring straight in to the camera and showing off their charms, the brief snippet that we do get of the new products are courtesy of Chanyeol and D.O. The official line is due to be revealed on the 10th of February at 3pm Korean time. 

The EXO boys officially became ambassadors of the brand last June and since then have participated in a variety of photoshoots and appearances for the brand. For there previous photoshoot please go here and for your viewing pleasure individual member gifs can be found below*.


*Authors random side notes
How ridiculously attractive does Suho look? Like you don’t really see it when he’s too busy being an embarrassment or trying to be cute but the guy is a natural visual, I’m hoping for more snaps of him looking like that for the official promo pictures for the new line. The three maknaes, Tao especially, was pretty much born to model he always manages to exude this type of chic model aura everytime I see him in a photoshoot and then you’ve got Kai being cute and Sehun being his visual self by totally NOT looking/acting like the maknae. Then you’ve got Xiumin being his maknae looking self being all cute and Lay being the cutie he normally is, blowing kisses and then there’s Chingu Line aka Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol and D.O with their up close camera shots, with D.O playing with the camera and Chen’s signature kitty smile and basically, I can’t deal with this entire teaser.


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