EXO comes back with EXODUS

 After much wait K-pop group EXO is finally making their comeback, the new album titled “EXODUS” was released on the 30th of March and comes in two versions silver (EXO-M) and gold (EXO-K) and 20 different covers featuring individual images of the boys for each version. The title track “Call Me Baby” was pre-released on the 27th and achieved an all-kill within 3 hours of its release. The album is the boys first as 10 after the departure of Kris and Luhan last year, and has been emphasised as the start of a new era for the boys. Prior to the release of the album SM released individual teaser trailers of the boys on their official Youtube which they titled “Pathcode” that had fans trying to guess which member’s trailer would be released next based on a clue from the official Pathcode twitter account and hidden clues within the trailers themselves. Each of the trailers were released at different times and were filmed in different parts of the world, the trailers also signalled a comeback for the individual powers we saw when the introduction teasers came out in 2012 reiterating the “new era” that SM are going for. SM also released a special song titled “First Love” on the official Pathcode site as a gift to fans who had solved all the riddles, the song was only available for 10 hours and is not included on the album, “Promise” which was self composed by Lay with lyrics by Chen and Chanyeol as a gift to fans and performed at the boys’s EXO’Luxion concert is also not included on the album, but hopefully both songs will be included in the repackaged.

The album features songs composed by The Underdogs who worked on the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack, Teddy Riley who produced “What Is Love” which was one of the songs featured in the introduction teasers for the boys back in 2012, Kenzie who’s composed songs for all of SM’s groups and also features a song composed by SM labelmate Jonghyun
 I just couldn’t do this comeback post without actually including the teaser trailers because they are all so aesthetically gorgeous and I am convinced that they hired NASA and various university professors to come up with the concept for each individual trailer because you can see that they put a lot of thought in to each of them and if you look hard enough like many fans have done, there are various kernels of knowledge within each teaser, the location of all the trailers combined together also happens to spell out the their title track “Call Me Baby”.

London – Kai – 15:01

Barcelona – Tao – 10:10

Arizona – Chanyeol – 17:12

Berlin – Xiumin – 05:07

Edinburgh – Sehun – 15:25

Marseille – Suho – 10:22

Almaty – Chen – 20:01

Lyon – Baekhyun – 06:27

Yunnan – Lay -22:12

Colorado – D.O – 09:01

The boys will have their first official comeback stage on the 2nd of April on Mnets’ M!Countdown followed by KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo throughout the week.


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